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Family Meal Plan (May)

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Time for some family Meal Planning inspo. You can find a heap more in our Meal planning for busy families Facebook group. Friday is the day I plan and shop. Below is what our family of two adults, a 5yo and a 12mo is enjoying this week. And yes, we all...
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30 Pasta Free Family Meals

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So, you cant find pasta on the shelf at the moment? Following on from our popular post 21 flourless sweet treats we thought we would also write one for main meals that aren’t pasta! We know how hard it is to find pasta at the moment and that can be...
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21 Flourless Sweet Treats

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21 flourless Sweet treats

What to make without flour! If you’re anything like me you have been avoiding the shops lately (#isolation #stayhome). I have only been heading to the shops alone, once a week if possible, to do a big weekly shop. So it has meant I have been much more on top...
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Family Meal Plan (April) Week 1

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Here at OHC we have been dedicating a lot of our time to coming up with the best meal planning tips and tricks and sharing our own weekly plans with you. Family meal ideas that can be simply copied from ours or integrated into your own family meal plan. Due...
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5 food activities to help kids learn about numbers, patterns and sorting

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Learn about numbers, patterns and sorting using food Today, grasping at straws to engage the kids during this strange and unusual homeschooling situation (COVID-19 2020), I naturally turned to food. Amongst the chaos of 4 boys (aged 10 months – 7 years), I managed to quickly prepare these activities throughout...
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