Fast Food For The Family

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Fast food for the family 

There’s a time and a place for spending all day cooking one meal. And while we love the idea of bonding over food experiences and spending time together creating something wonderful we also understand that there are many times when fast food is best. We love discovering new ways to speed up dinnertime on those busy weeknights, and when fresh, healthy food can be on the table in less than 20 minutes, everyone’s happy.

Busy kitchen hacks:

  • Take some inspiration from the French and organise your prep or ‘mise en place’. Use any down time during the day to measure, chop and dice your ingredients according to recipe instructions. This makes for a much faster meal come dinnertime
  • To separate eggs quickly and simply, take a small funnel and crack an egg into it. The egg white will slip through leaving the yolk in tact in the funnel
  • Pour leftover stock into 1-cup muffin tins and place them in the freezer. Once frozen, remove from the tin and place in freezer proof bags. Having measured stock on hand is always a bonus
  • Store and pack your pots and pans neatly. There is nothing worse that rushing around the kitchen pulling pans out from one another when the kids are screaming for dinner
  • Work in a clean and tidy kitchen space. With little ones running around you it’s important to keep hot dishes and knives away from edges, order in the kitchen is best for both hygiene and safety plus it can save your sanity during busy times
  • If you stick you tongue out while chopping onions it will stop your eyes from crying. Well, this hasn’t exactly been proven but it’s fun to try it with the kids.


Part of our meal plan formula includes a night or two that allows for a 15 minute meal. For some that might be breakfast for dinner, some scrambled eggs and toast, or a ham and cheese toastie. What we know is that having some ideas up your sleeve and ingredients at the ready will keep you from ordering expensive takeaway or a frazzled top-up-shop with tired and hungry kids.


You can use a roast chicken in so many ways. This is one of our favourite fast dinner ideas that the whole family loves. You can mix up the fillings to include whatever your family wants.




A firm favourite with our regulars these vegetable shreddies are crispy and delicious. Not to mention made in minutes. They make a great side to a piece of quickly pan fried meat such as a lamb cutlet.



Pesto pasta is one of the easiest fast meals. We have basil pesto, pea pesto and kale pesto to choose from. We love to freeze it flat in a freezer proof bag, and snap portions off to store through freshly cooked pasta. It also makes for a lovely sandwich spread or pizza topping.

Pea Pesto 2


A super simple pasta that can be adapted to include whatever you have in the fridge. You might also like our other fast pasta’s simple zucchini pasta, whatever you’ve got pasta or cheesy carrot and broccoli pasta.

DSC_5909 v2


 As with any pizza, you have the freedom to choose toppings you know they and maybe one or two new or less familiar foods. Presenting new foods in a familiar way is a great way in reducing anxiety in your child encouraging them to be more likely to want to interact, try and enjoy it.

DSC_7853 v2



Eggs are a great inclusion in your family’s diet. They contain high quality protein, omega 3 fatty acids and 11 different vitamins and minerals. Plus you can enjoy them in so many different ways. 



Baked not fried, these bitesized pieces of chicken are a must try. You can get the kids involved too, they will love shaking the chicken pieces in the bag. I often serve them take-away style with some homemade baked vegetable chips and salad. These take moments to prep and spend the rest of the time (20 minutes or so) in the oven. 


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