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The experts in meal planning for busy families brings the much awaited flexible and achievable approach to feeding your family each week.


ONE HANDED COOKS ARE BACK, and so excited to finally share with you our new book. As busy parents ourselves, we were becoming overwhelmed by the daily struggle of feeding our growing families – trying to cater to different age groups and food preferences, from babies starting solids to ravenous school aged children, and also wanting to enjoy flavoursome meals ourselves. We felt the need for a simple and adaptable guide that could help us optimise the pockets of time we had and assist our future selves in those busier moments. 

While each family’s routine is unique, there are similarities we can work with that will give you the confidence and the tools to take back control and simplify feeding the family. This book contains meal-planning guides and hacks, and more than 80 new family-friendly recipes that include baby and toddler notes and allergy and intolerance suggestions, to help you make the most of your time in the kitchen, stock your freezer and save money. 


We wanted a collection of recipes that were versatile and provided leftovers. We wanted to fill our freezers and have a repertoire of fast meals that we could whip up as needed. Finally, we wanted to stop the expensive top-up shops, increase our veggie intake and offer varied and nutritious meals every week. Is that all too much to ask? We don’t think so. Without further ado check out this list of amazing recipes: 

  • Sweet and savoury snacks 
  • Premixes 
  • Slow cooker + dump bag
  • Dinner + leftovers 
  • Batch cooking 
  • Meals 2 ways 
  • Tray bakes 
  • Fast meals 
  • Salads 
  • Desserts 
  • Make-in-a-minute marinades 

PLUS! All our tips on baking boxes, fruit and veggie grab boxes and freezer and storage tips so you’ll know exactly how to store the goodness.  


We have found that, instead of spending their weekend cooking for the week ahead, busy parents and carers would rather use the snippets of time they can find to create multiple meals, be it through batch cooking, creating freezer dump bags or cooking meals two ways. For this reason we have created a simple meal-plan formula you can adapt to your own lifestyle and favourite recipes and a free downloadable template with calendars, shopping lists, favourite family meal lists and freezer inventory printable to accompany the book.

All we suggest is that you’re careful who you lend it to, as it may never come back!


The book will be landing in stores on the 5th July. Secure your book now by pre ordering at one of the following stores:

The family meal solution – a flexible and achievable approach to feeding your family each week. Whether you have toddlers or teens, a full day to prep or a 45 minute day sleep – we have been using the hacks and recipes in this book for a few years now and can’t wait to finally share it all with you. Our life changing system will bring new and exciting inspiration and organisation to your life. 

Why not take a sneak peek into our new cookbook and let these 2 clever ideas speak for themselves! Imagine a whole book full of these kinds of recipes with allergy and intolerance notes and serving suggestions for the whole family. 

Raspberry and white chocolate blondies premix 

So what exactly is a premix? It’s a bulk combination of the dry ingredients that a recipe calls for. When you’re ready to bake you simply measure out the required amount, add the wet ingredients and go. Our blondies have been given a fresh and healthy twist with the addition of wholemeal flour, quinoa flakes, grated carrot and raspberries.

Creamy garlic chicken + freezer dump bag 

One of our favourite ways to utilise our precious time is to make a meal fresh and prepare a freezer bag of uncooked ingredients at the same time. For example, this irresistible creamy garlic sauce will work well with chicken, pork or veal, or for a vegetarian option use root vegetables. You can enjoy this recipe with pasta as we have suggested, or omit and serve with some steamed rice. This meal is also lovely in a thermos for keeping hungry tummies warm and full on those wintery school days.

So please enjoy these two recipes and if you aren’t already part of our Meal planning for busy families group come and share your success with us!

Love Allie, Jess & Sarah – OHCs x

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