Family Meal Plan (May)

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Time for some family Meal Planning inspo. You can find a heap more in our Meal planning for busy families Facebook group. Friday is the day I plan and shop. Below is what our family of two adults, a 5yo and a 12mo is enjoying this week. And yes, we all eat the same meal each night! Allie and Jess talk about how you can achieve this in their books Raising a healthy, happy eater from baby to school age and Boosting your basics, it’s life-changing. Kate x

MONDAY | Beef & Veggie Lasagne with Ricotta (I cooked double the mince mixture and froze half for another night)

TUESDAY | Sticky Chicken on page 72 of the first book, How to Raise a Healthy Happy Eater


WEDNESDAY | Breakfast for dinner


THURSDAY | Quinoa Crumbed Fish Fingers with sweet potato chips


FRIDAY | Simple Slow-Cooked Shredded Beef from the Family Foodie eBook


SATURDAY | Pea and Zucchini Baked Risotto


SUNDAY | Homemade pizza using the Way-Too-Easy Pizza Scroll dough on page 194 of the first book



Tips to planning family meals If you aren’t used to this way of cooking, meal planning is a great way to get started.   Planning your weekly meals in detail helps ensure your family has a healthy balance of nutrients. It is a great way to save money and get organised for the week ahead reducing any last minute stress and thoughts of “What’s for dinner?!?” and allows you the easy answer to the question from the kids… “What’s for dinner?”


  • Simply choose a few of your favourite meals plus one or two new ones your family might like to try  – involving your children in some meal choices can help with acceptance and enjoyment of
  • Write down a shopping list of all the necessary ingredients and hit the shops for a bulk shop – this will save any additional trips to the shops where you may purchase unnecessary food/grocery items
  • Prepare elements of meals in advance when you get the opportunity to save time later
  • Double the quantities of some meals to stock up your freezer – these can easily be defrosted and served with fresh ingredients during those busy times ahead
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