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One Handed Cooks New Cook Book

By: | 3 Comments | On: July 17, 2016 | Category : Allergies, Blog, Food Preparation, Food Storage, Foods, Fussy Eaters, Intolerance, Kids Cooking, Nutrition, Solids, Tips & Tricks, Tips from Mums, Understanding Food Labels, Vitamins & Minerals

One Handed Cooks (Allie Gaunt, Jessica Beaton and Sarah Buckle) have just announced their debut cook book.  ON SALE NOW ON SALE in all good book stores from August 1st 2016.  We promised you that there was something wonderful in the works and now we can finally reveal it. This...
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Understanding Food Labels Part 3: Ingredients List

By: | 0 Comments | On: January 22, 2013 | Category : Nutrition, Understanding Food Labels

The ingredients list can give you important information about the food product and what it contains, particularly if you are concerned about allergens or food additives.  If you can make sense of it of course and know what to look for! All ingredients are listed in descending order by weight....
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Understanding Food Labels Part 2: Nutrition Claims

By: | 2 Comments | On: November 28, 2012 | Category : Nutrition, Understanding Food Labels

Understanding Nutrition Claims Low fat, reduced fat, high fibre, reduced salt, low salt, low sugar…! How many nutrient claims can one product list and how many do you have to understand?  Well, there are lots actually and some can be easily misunderstood making you choose a product that is not...
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Understanding Food Labels Part 1: The Nutrition Information Panel

By: | 3 Comments | On: November 27, 2012 | Category : Nutrition, Understanding Food Labels

In Australia and New Zealand food labeling is strictly regulated by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).  Food labels are designed to help us make safer and healthier food choices.  They labels tell us what is in the food product and how to prepare and store it. Does the thought...
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