80+ Recipes to Encourage Kids to Enjoy Their Veggies

80+ Recipes to Encourage Kids to Enjoy Their Veggies The Healthy Eating Pyramid by Nutrition Australia has had a refresh and it’s looking good. Vegetables are the highlight and with only 7% of us enjoying enough veggies every day we’re on a mission...

The Bento Lunchbox

The Bento Lunchbox  You might also like: 50 great freezable lunchbox recipe ideas  And: 35 portable snacks for kids  There’s nothing more disappointing than opening your child’s lunchbox at the end of the school day to find nothing has been eaten....

Baby Foodie e-Book – Your Starting Solids Guide

  via Paypal for $9.99 or you can view the sample book here… After purchasing the book, you will receive your download link via email from One Handed Cooks. Please check your spam/junk mail, as it sometimes gets filtered. Thank you. Baby...

The Tasting Plate: Introducing The One Handed Cooks Tasting Plate

You will find the full tasting plate article and recipes in our Launch Magazine. Yep you can buy online NOW until stocks last. Read next: Why we love the tasting plate  Read next: Parent-led weaning Vs baby-led weaning When it comes to...

80+ Recipes to Encourage Kids to Enjoy Their Veggies The Bento Lunchbox Baby Foodie e-Book – Your Starting Solids Guide The Tasting Plate: Introducing The One Handed Cooks Tasting Plate

Still Fussy? What To Do When You Have Tried Everything

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Child standing upside down

A few days ago I saw my friend post yet another frustrated rant about her children and dinnertime on Facebook. Desperate for a new piece of wisdom, and probably clinging to the hope that she wasn’t alone, my friend reached out for some support. Of course she wasn’t alone, and it...
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One Handed Cooks Magazine: Update

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One Handed Cooks Magazine: Update Thank you for your support of our much-loved One Handed Cooks magazines. We have produced 8 amazing magazines, each one showcasing a range of amazing recipes and an abundance of helpful and realistic tips for parents feeding young children. When we started writing the magazines...
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Hazelnut Chocolate Spread For Kids

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Hazelnut chocolate spread Chocolate hazelnut spread is a huge favourite of mine. I love it on warm toast the best, but my kids love it on fruit slices for afternoon tea. Making my own takes no time at all and it lasts in the fridge for a few weeks. Plus...
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Cauliflower Nuggets For Kids

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Cauliflower nuggets for kids  We have a few chicken and vegetable nugget recipes (see below) and there’s one thing they all have in common – creative and interesting ways to include goodness. Whether you need to hide veggies, or you just love packing every meal full of them, classic favourites...
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5 Food Tips For The Kids On Holidays

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We are on school holidays at the moment and all I feel like doing is relaxing, eating ice-cream and exploring rock pools with the kids. Unfortunately, while on school holidays we still need to eat meals like dinner, shame. So I like to keep it as easy and simple as possible,...
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