100+ Baby Led Weaning and Finger Food Recipes

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Firstly, let’s get all the names out of the way: Baby Led Weaning (BLW). Finger Foods. Family Foods. How we fed kids in ‘our day’. Non-spoon fed meals. Insert other new and possibly confusing name [here]. Stuff that is picked up by cute chubby hands belonging to a baby or toddler and smushed, chucked or eaten, or preferably both. Makes sense? Great.

Are you about to wean your baby and thinking of trying out the Baby Led Weaning approach to feeding your baby with finger foods right from the start? Or, has your baby started to refuse the spoon and you are scrambling for some hearty meals your baby can feed themselves? Or perhaps you are just after some new finger food ideas to allow play and experimentation on your baby’s tasting plate? Whatever the reason, finger food recipe ideas are often top of parents search lists, and we think that’s fab.

We love seeing parents on the hunt for healthy homemade finger foods. The importance of finger food is well documented, so whether you introduce it right from the start or it was a natural progression for your baby, there is a finger food recipe for you. We love the Boboandboo bamboo tasting plates (get 10% off using the code onehandedcooks)

This list will constantly evolve to include new recipes and ideas. So why not take 10 seconds to save it to your desktop, favourites or share it on social media so it can be saved to your Facebook timeline, for keeps. Go on.

OK cool. Here they are.

First food ideas

  • Steamed/boiled large slices or chunks of pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower
  • Raw slices or chunks of peeled banana, avocado, ripe stone fruit
  • Cooked rice
  • Cooked pasta
  • Toast fingers (opt for wholegrain, wholemeal no preservatives and additive free bread – don’t be afraid to ask your baker)
  • Grated cheddar cheese
  • Boiled or scrambled eggs
  • Cooked legumes
  • Steamed fish

DSC_0170 v2

If you choose to start BLW by incorporating your family meals, good on you – what a simple and easy way to create one meal for the whole family. You will love our 1 Meal 3 Ways section. Sorry, sidetracked. I was going to say be mindful of your child’s age, homemade food is best with no added salt, sugar, additives or preservatives. Sore bought products such as pasta sauces may have too much salt for a young baby – read here about the dangers of salt for young children. Leave any adult or older children ingredients until after you have removed a portion for your baby.

DSC_1584 v2

Soft finger food recipes 

Ideal for ‘gumming’ these are a fun addition to your family food experimenting.

Banana toast

Pick ‘n’ mix couscous fingers 

Chickpea bitties

Sweet chia mini chews

DSC_0795 v2

Sweet finger food recipes 

Chew me oat fruit bars

Balls – Peanut butter ballsApricot muesli balls, Pear and macadamia balls

Coconut macaroons 

Pancakes Banana, Fluffy blueberry and ricotta, Fluffy pancakes 

Frozen snacks – Frozen yoghurt pops, watermelon icy poles, lemon vanilla drops 

Cookies/Biscuits – Carrot cookiesFruity cookiesCoconut and date cookiesChickpea cookies

Fruit ‘n’ nut muesli bars

Muffins – Banana, Apple & CinnamonCarrot Quinoa Lemon, Almond & RicottaCarrot, Apple & SpeltPear, Macadamia & QuinoaBlueberry, Apple & Lemon

Banana and fruit loaf 

DSC_9130 v2

Savoury finger food recipes 

Meatballs: baked meatballs in a simple tomato saucepower meatballspork & fennelchicken, broccoli & quinoachicken & halloumi, beef, mushroom & quinoa

Tofu balls

Rissoles – Lamb & quinoa, Vegetable rice cakes, Sweet potato, carrot & apple, Crumbed tuna and vegetable, Salmon zucchini and ricotta cakes 

Fritters – Pick ‘n’ mix vegetable fritters, Tuna melt fritters, Kale and corn fritters, Corn fritters 

Muffins – Pick N Mix SavourySpaghetti Bolognese LeftoverCreamy TunaMacaroni Peas LeftoverZucchini & BasilCheesy Corn & CarrotRice & Veggie Frittata

Cannellini bean, herb & quinoa patties

Cheesy crackers

Cheesy quinoa puffs

Chips – Zucchini chipsapple chipsstrawberry chips 

Nuggets – Homemade chicken nuggetsQuinoa, Chicken & Broccoli NuggetChicken and Cannellini Bean Nuggets

Roast vegetable tarts 

Sausage rolls – Vegetable ‘sausage’ rollseggplant and chicken sausage rolls,

Pizza – Pitta pizza, Pizza rounds, Mini puff pizza, Spelt pizza  

Apricot Chicken Balls with Cornflake Coconut Crumb

Chicken Schnitzel Fingers 

Popcorn Chicken

Savoury pancakes 

Roly Poly Pork balls 

Quiche and things – Yoghurt and broccoli quiche, Rice frittata, Tomato feta frittata, Cheesy rice slice, Zucchini slice

Fish fingers 

Pies – Chicken and Mushroom Pies, Toddler leek and chicken bread piesTurkey piesVegetable pie, Fish pie

Fries/Chips – Sweet potato friespotato fries 

Pick ‘n’ Mix Shreddies 

DSC_2117 v2

Chickpea fajita 

Zucchini spaghetti 

Pinwheel wraps 

Quinoa sushi

Caramelised onion and thyme pull-apart 

Risotto balls – Pumpkin bacon risotto balls, Crumbed tomato risotto balls, Saffron spiced rice balls , Zucchini and pea risotto balls 

DSC_0104 v2

Note: the current Infant Feeding Guidelines recommend foods with a high risk of choking such as whole nuts, seeds, raw carrot, celery sticks and chunks of apple should be avoided for the first 3 years as their size and/or consistency increases the risk of choking.  It is also advisable to always supervise your children while they are eating to prevent choking. 

Disclaimer: This information is intended for general use only. It does not constitute medical advice and is not intended to replace the personalised care and advice given to you by your health professional team. You as the reader/parent/caregiver must always discuss any concerns or questions about the health and well being of your baby or toddler including BLW and starting solids with a healthcare professional. Please refer to our full disclaimer for more info.

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  3. posted by Elisabeth on October 19, 2015

    About toast – I thought babies aren’t meant to have wholemeal bread as it can fill them up too quickly, which means they don’t eat other foods and then miss out on nutrients?

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    The thing I would change is to serve the berries cutted in halves (to prevent choking).

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