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Family Meal Plan (April) Week 1

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Here at OHC we have been dedicating a lot of our time to coming up with the best meal planning tips and tricks and sharing our own weekly plans with you. Family meal ideas that can be simply copied from ours or integrated into your own family meal plan. Due...
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5 food activities to help kids learn about numbers, patterns and sorting

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Learn about numbers, patterns and sorting using food Today, grasping at straws to engage the kids during this strange and unusual homeschooling situation (COVID-19 2020), I naturally turned to food. Amongst the chaos of 4 boys (aged 10 months – 7 years), I managed to quickly prepare these activities throughout...
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Lunchbox Hacks For Busy Mornings

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Ah, lunchboxes. Isn’t it funny how we start the year with such good intentions. Only to be beaten down slowly by every un-eaten sandwich and lost lunchbox. How in term 1 our shiny bento-filled panda themed lunches become a paper bag with a whole apple and a packet of chips...
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7-Day Holiday Meal Plan For Kids

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This free meal plan is kindly sponsored by Ford Everest. Our family car of choice, designed to tackle tough terrain and unexpected obstacles, the 2019 Everest is rough and ready. Discover what lies beyond the road’s end.  Many families go away for a week or two over the summer holidays,...
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Easter Carrot Playdough Activity For Kids

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Easter Carrot Playdough Activity For Kids See more sensory play ideas in our book Boosting your basics. Playdough is a great activity for you to make in the kitchen with your kids. Playdough is a great activity for when the kids need something quiet to do while you finish cooking dinner. Children...
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