21 Flourless Sweet Treats

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What to make without flour! If you’re anything like me you have been avoiding the shops lately (#isolation #stayhome). I have only been heading to the shops alone, once a week if possible, to do a big weekly shop. So it has meant I have been much more on top of my meal planning (hence the new meal planning group for inspiration!) and this has resulted in saving a heap of money, too.

But, with all my good intentions and lovely itemised list I also discovered that many of the aisles are empty. Or, almost empty. With regular brands unavailable, and some shelves completely bare. Week after week I have noticed particularly the flour aisle has been non existent. And that can make baking a challenge! What’s more frustrating is that right now, many of us want to bake. Because we have hungry kids at home demanding snacks, and because cooking is such a lovely thing to do for the soul. Fresh baked biscuits, anyone?

So I thought it might be nice to create a bit of a list of sweet things we can make without flour. I would love to hear what you might add to this list so we can share.

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Sesame vanilla and muesli cookies 


The edible necklace 


Fruit ‘n’ nut muesli bars DSC_5749-v2-575x262

Apricot coconut muesli balls 


Flourless chocolate cupcakes 



Strawberry swirl icy poles 


Date almond and sesame balls 


Watermelon fruit pizza 


Chocolate almond mini muffins 



Chia pudding 


Chickpea cookies 



Pear apple and oat balls DSC_0817-v2-575x262

Banana ice-cream 


Peanut butter balls DSC_4296-v2-575x262

Fruity cookies 


Yoghurt drops 


Fruit and chia smoothie 


Raisin bread and butter pudding 


Banana toast 


Carrot cake balls 


Fruit and veggie roll ups 


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