Top 5 Snacks For a Long Car Trip

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This post is kindly sponsored by Britax. For more information on choosing the best car seat for your family and car visit the Britax website.

When we found out that we were expecting a third child we were thrilled. The final piece to our little family puzzle was soon to be complete. Towards the end of the pregnancy nesting shifted up a gear and we needed to get organised. Car seats were a top priority as we knew that fitting three car seats on the back seat was going to be a struggle.

We have a regular sized SUV and when I looked into the back seat I wondered, how we were going to fit three seats in. I wanted to continue using Brtiax seats to ensure the most comfortable seats for the kids. And most of all I really didn’t want the space of our car to interfere with safety.

Britax offered to help me fit three seats along the back of our narrow car and I started the researching process. There were a few key things that helped me achieve this:

  • Call your professional seat installer BEFORE purchasing your seats. I wish I had known this, as it would have saved me a huge amount of time and effort. I used Pearces Child Restraints and they were fantastic, knowing exactly what would work with my car. Plus they had most of the Britax branded car seats available to look at, test on the kids and even buy on the spot.
  • Educate yourself on car seat safety and get your seats professionally installed. I felt really awful when I saw the difference between how my seats were currently fitted when we arrived compared to when I left. My installer also taught me how the child should be correctly seated, how the straps work most efficiently and what might happen if they weren’t (you don’t want to hear it but you should know).
  • Choose good quality seats. Britax was my choice as they have so many different seats that can be configured to suit your car. For me, I needed a very specific middle seat for my toddler, one that sat forward and was narrow. No other seat would have safely fit the three seats in. We chose the Britax Maxi Guard PRO™ for Harry because it was slim line and has a hassle free harness (no more twisted straps!). Amelia is in the middle and we needed the Britax Millenia™ which is a perfect slim line seat that neatly fits in the middle slightly forward of the other two. And for the baby we chose the Britax Unity™ ISOFIX Compatible Baby Capsule. The capsule is so easy to put in and out, suitable to use up to 12 months (approx.) and converts to a rocker to help keep bub asleep when you transfer out of the car.
  • Choose a capsule for your baby if you have lots of pick-ups and drop-offs or other kids. I didn’t use a capsule with my first two and managed OK with the baby carrier but this time I am in and out of the car on average 6 times per day – needless to say the capsule has been a lifesaver.


With our three seats now fitted neatly along the back seat of our car we were set. Our little bundle Archer arrived and fit in perfectly next to Harry and Amelia. Next, I needed to figure out how to keep them all entertained for our long summer car trip we had planned. These are my 5 go-to snacks for the car, note; normally we don’t promote eating in the car but on long car trips you can be stuck somewhere during snack time and these can get you through until the next pit stop. What are your favourites?

The edible necklace: The Edible Necklace is a little length of string, with some delicious ‘beads’ that keeps a toddler occupied for long periods of time.

DSC_1328 v2

Apple, pear and oat balls: A healthy homemade snack that contains the goodness of fruit, oats and nuts that takes no time at all to prepare.

DSC_0815 v2

Banana apple and cinnamon muffins: These are the perfect balance of healthy meets tasty, try them in a mini muffin tin for a better bite sized snack.

DSC_9188 v2

Cheesy crackers: Melt in the mouth little cheese bites that you can adapt to add different herbs and spices. Also try a dairy free version here.


Pick n mix fritters: A savoury snack that will keep the kids tummies full but are very simple to eat and wont make a mess!

Fritters copy



Summer’s here and the forecast is HOT & STEAMY! Did you Know?… Temperatures inside a car can be 20 – 30 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. This can happen in a matter of minutes. Britax urges all parents to NEVER LEAVE THEIR INFANT IN A PARKED CAR even “for a few minutes”. Look before you lock!





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