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It was only a matter of time before we discovered the wonder that is the Thermomix. We received email after email requesting our traditional recipes be converted to the Thermomix style and found there was a definite need for some new and inspiring baby, toddler and family meals that were healthy and nutritious – simple was a given.

One of the main reasons why we love Thermomix so much is that it makes cooking healthy homemade meals for your family even more achievable. We are inspired by a new world of additive and preservative free cooking so we can cook simple basics ourselves – chemical free, a task that often seemed impossible with our fast paced lives and limited time.

We hope you enjoy the Thermomix chapters in our magazines and can be inspired to pack even more nutrients into your family’s food. As promise, if you don’t have a Thermomix we have included a traditional recipe version of each recipe on the website – so here they are for you.

View the traditional versions of the recipes by following the links

Quinoa, chia and blueberry porridge
Cheesy caramelized onion pull apart
Flourless kidney bean cupcakes
Pear apple and oat balls
Chicken and eggplant sausage rolls
Coconut macaroons
Green curry paste for kids
Thai chicken rissoles
Green Chicken curry

Thermomix features in the following magazines:

Winter Warmers 2014 

Spring 2014 

Summer 2014 

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    wow your recipe is so easy. i try this recipe and suggest to others


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