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One of the most amazing gifts you can give a friend in need is a nice care package full of homemade food. I remember when I first gave birth to Harry, I arrived home from the hospital to a freezer packed full of good food, and some fresh food in the fridge to simply re-heat and serve. Let me tell you when you have a newborn, there is nothing in the world more helpful than cooked food, so you can just concentrate on bonding with your baby and getting enough rest. Another time I feel is really lovely to give food, is when a friend is sick or going through a rough time and you bring around some food for their children, stock the freezer with simple whole family food they can prepare quickly or a range of healthy snacks that can be used in lunch boxes.

Whenever my friends have new babies or are going through a rough time I feel like food is the best healer of all, and it takes a little pressure off the family. A few things to think about when deciding what to cook your loved ones:

  • Are there any allergies?
  • Are they breastfeeding? Some foods can unsettle a little newborns tummy, so go for less acidic food and many health experts suggest going easy on the garlic and onion and other “gassy” foods in the first few months.
  • Do they have enough room in the freezer to store frozen food?
  • Check with the husband/partner as to what food would be most helpful.
  • If cooking for children try and cook age appropriate foods.
  • If cooking for school children/lunch boxes, try and find out what is not allowed – often you can’t pack food with nuts/egg/high sugar content etc.
  • When packaging the food it is good to write all the ingredients on the pack, the use by date, and the best way to cook it so mum can be sure it is right for her kids.
  • Freshly baked banana bread, muffins and things that can be eaten straight away and leftovers frozen are great options.
  • Organising a fresh fruit and vegetable box delivery for the months following is a great baby shower gift.

A few recipe ideas to get you started.

Family Food:

Chicken Pie 

Fish and Potato Pie

Vegetable Lasagne 

Pick ‘n’ Mix fried rice 

Meatballs in simple tomato sauce 

Sweet Snacks:

Apricot Balls 

Apple Tart

Banana and Apple Cinnamon Muffins 

Chew Me Fruit Oat Bars 

Carrot Cookies

Toddler Finger Foods: 

Pick ‘n’ Mix Fritters

Pita Pizza

Cheesy Vegemite Scrolls

Lamb Rissoles 

Salmon Potato Cakes 

Lunch Box Food: 

Zucchini Slice 

Chickpea bitties

Tuna Muffins 

Lamb Kofta

Pick ‘n’ Mix Cheesy Triangles 


We would love to hear what goodies you pack for a friend in need?

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  1. posted by Michelle on March 1, 2014

    My current “bake and take” meals of choice for friends in need of support are apricot chicken drumsticks (apricot nectar, French onion soup, sprinkle of mixed herbs) and porcupine meatballs (beef meatballs made with uncooked rice instead of breadcrumbs, cooked in tomato based sauce). I make the meals in the foil trays from the supermarket so the recipient doesn’t have to keep track of who to return the casserole dishes to! Slip the whole tray into a large ziplock bag labelled with date and ingredients and it’s ready to reheat now or freeze for later.

  2. posted by Jaeger on January 16, 2016

    We have a variety of options for care packages. Our clients are always sending to their friends.

    What a great post and thought as a friend!


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