{SPONSORED POST} Teff for Kids: A Small Grain Packing a Nutritious Punch

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{SPONSORED} Teff for Kids – A Small Grain Packing a Nutritious Punch

Want to know what the newest and most ancient, nutritious word on the street is? It’s Teff.

Teff is the latest ancient grain to hit the scene and so far it’s getting gold stars amongst kids for taste, parents for versatility and dietitians for it’s nutritional benefits. The word superfood often goes hand in hand with teff but we don’t want to make it sounds like it’s just a craze. We believe it’s here to stay. Earlier this year Australian dietitians touted teff as a big growth area for food and nutrition in 2016 and we’re excited to be sharing all it’s goodness with you.

So, what actually is teff?
Teff, is a teeny tiny grain, about the size of a poppy seed that dates back around 3000 years to ancient Ethiopia. It ranges in colour from a dark reddish brown to an ivory colour and has a nutty, grainy taste and texture that adds flavour and flair to many recipes. It’s super simple to cook, very versatile and is the perfect nutrient rich addition to a healthy, balanced diet.

Why is teff so good for kids (& the whole family)?

For the small size of teff, it is packs quite the nutritious punch. Great news for parents, particularly those of small eaters or picky eaters. When they only eat a small amount you want to make it count.

–       PLENTY OF IRON: Iron is essential for the healthy growth and development of children. They rely on iron to help give them energy and keep them happy while warding off snotty noses with a strong immune system. For vegetarians or toddlers and preschoolers going through the meat-aversion phase teff offers an convenient way to boost their iron intake. Including some vitamin C rich foods, such as seasonal fruits and vegetables, when consuming teff will help to boost the absorption of this essential nutrient further.
Per 100*g, teff contains 4.8mg of iron

–       HIGH IN FIBRE: Teff is high in fibre as well as resistant starch – which is a type of carbohydrate that resists digestion and essentially acts like fibre, helping to keeping our gut in optimum health and immune system strong.
Per 100*g, teff contains 8g dietary fibre

–       HIGH IN PROTEIN: Teff contains similar amounts of protein to quinoa but almost double that of brown rice. Protein is essential for immunity, growth, development and building and repairing healthy, functioning muscles, hair, skin and nails. Protein also helps to satisfy hungry tummies, helping to minimizing the constant grazing on food which kids are often experts at.
Per 100g*, teff contains 13.3g protein

–       CARBOHYDRATE RICH: Kids need carbs to have the energy to run, play and learn. It’s good to know the carbohydrate in teff is slowly digested meaning it helps kids to feel satisfied in between meals and snacks as well as preventing the sugar rush they get with refined, sugary processed foods.
Per 100g*, teff contains 65.1g carbohydrate

–       GLUTEN FREE: Teff is gluten free helping to add variety and nutrition for children with coeliac disease or suffer intolerances to gluten and wheat.

–       CALCIUM CONTAINING: 100g of teff* surprisingly contains the same amount of calcium as half a cup of milk, perfect for growing strong bones, teeth and muscles. This is significantly more compared with any other grain.
Per 100g*, teff contains 140mg calcium.

–       NATURALLY LOW IN SALT: This is essential for babies and toddlers. Keeping their salt intakes low is important for their general health and wellbeing, particularly their kidney health, and to prevent fussy eating behaviours.

–       NUTRIENT RICH: Teff is also a source of vitamin C (rare of grains), B vitamins, copper, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and manganese, all needed to maintain good health and wellbeing both now and in the future.

*Teff Tribe ivory grain, uncooked.

How to cook teff

  1. Heat 1 tsp oil in a wide-based pan
  2. Fry 1 cup teff grain for 1 minute
  3. Add 1½ cups water (and a pinch of salt) and bring to the boil
  4. Reduce to a simmer, cover and cook for 8 minutes until the water has absorbed
  5. Remove from heat, fluff with a fork, then replace lid and leave to sit for 10 minutes
  6. Your teff is ready to eat – try adding it to a salad, replace (or combine) with rice or quinoa, create nutritious snacks and desserts, or use in your favourite One Handed Cooks recipes.

5 ways to use in our existing recipes

DSC_3018 v2

Put simply, teff can replace any flour or grain in a recipe as its light nutty flavour works well from sweets through to savoury. Here are favourite ways to use teff from our much loved collection of recipes:

  1. Use cooked teff instead of quinoa in your favourite meatball and nugget recipes
  1. Combine some leftover cooked teff with some cooked brown rice or quinoa, your favourite protein and veggies to make fried ‘teff’ or turn it into a salad
  1. Include some teff in place of some or all of the oats or quinoa for a delicious nutty and very nutritious porridge
  1. Substitute some of the plain flour or quinoa flour for teff flour in our favourite ricotta pancakes and muffin recipes.
  1. Mix it through your favourite baby purees for both, texture and nutrition

How to introduce teff to fussy eaters

Most kids will simply enjoy the swap from rice or quinoa to teff or won’t even notice the difference when incorporated into their favourite recipes. For little ones who can sniff out a new food or ingredient a mile away, starting small can be just the thing to do the trick. Try combining some cooked teff with some brown rice or quinoa or swap a small amount of plain flour for teff flour in your favourite baking recipes. And while offering teff to your kids will make you feel good, enjoying it yourself will make you feel even better. Try it in your favourite family meals and eat together to act as a role model to your child. Chances are if they see you enjoying teff, they will be more likely to give it a try. For more of our fussy eating top tips read more on how to introduce new foods to kids.

About Teff Tribe

Teff Tribe are the leading seller of both teff grain and teff flour in Australia and was co-founded by mates Sam Ellis & Sam Sloane. Both with backgrounds in the financial sector, their move into the health food industry was non-conventional, but not a complete surprise. Not advocates of any particular diet ‘fads’, both share a passion for healthy living and subscribe to the simple philosophy of ‘more good stuff’ and less refined, overly processed foods – particularly when it comes to Ellis’s growing brood of kids.

The mantra of ‘small things matter’ is close to the founders’ hearts and has prompted a growing focus on creating positive social impact. Quite simply, the ‘tribe’ is focused on doing their bit to make people’s lives healthier and happier – this is a small grain doing big things. Teff Tribe currently offers the most comprehensive suite of teff products globally – and 2016 promises exciting new additions to their range.

While their teff is grown in South Africa, Teff Tribe is committed to giving back to Ethiopian communities where teff originated. For every product sold, they donate 2% to Ethiopiaid, a non-profit organization that assists Ethiopian men, women and children through a number of programs. Quite simply, each purchase made with Teff Tribe helps to make someone’s life safer and healthier.

Where to buy teff

Check for your local stockist of Teff Tribe products or buy online.

Visit their website for more delicious recipe ideas for the whole family and subscribe to their newsletter, Facebook, Instagram to stay in the Teff Tribe loop.


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