10 First Food Puree Combos

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10 First Food Puree Combos

Starting solids with your baby is a daunting experience. And deciding what food to offer first is even more daunting. The good news is the current NH&MRC infant feeding guidelines make it hard to go wrong. From 6 months of age, “other than recommending the use of iron-rich first foods, there are no recommendations on the order in which foods should be introduced or the number of new foods that can be introduced at a time. Slow introduction of solid foods is not necessary.”

Given we no longer need to introduce foods one at a time there is a lot more freedom for parents to introduce a combination of a few foods right from the start. Of course vegetables with a smooth, sweet taste like pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot and avocado or fruits such as pear, banana, apple are usually well accepted. And if you are starting solids when your baby is around 6 months of age there’s no reason why you can’t introduce meat, chicken, fish, eggs and lentils/legumes right from the start. Iron fortified rice or oat cereals are a popular choice too. Mixing through a little of your baby’s milk into their meals in the beginning is a good way to encourage acceptance.

These purees are super simple, easy to cook and likely to be loved by your baby. Make big batches, freeze, pick ‘n’ mix, embrace the mess and enjoy the journey.

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1. Carrot and avocado


2. Leek, sweet potato and cauliflower


3. Pear and cinnamon


4. Banana and avocado


5. Papaya mango pear


6. Blueberry yoghurt


7. Smooth pumpkin and lentil


8. Chicken, zucchini, carrot and apple 


9. Veggie, salmon mash


10. Lamb, veggie quinoa mash


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