Reader FAQ: Nutritious Breakfast Finger Food Ideas

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Are you after some nutritious finger food ideas for breakfast?. Sometimes, the answer to your problem is over a coffee with a friend, posting the question in an online mother’s group, or secret forum. A fellow mummy with experience can often provide that little bit of wisdom, the glimmer of hope that you have been looking for or at the very least, a new idea to try.

We certainly don’t have all the answers. So these FAQ blog posts are to be seen like this…  if our closest friends were to ask our advice, these would be our answers. But don’t let it stop with us, If you have an idea that might help others, we would love to hear it. Leave a comment after this post, or join our Facebook page to talk to other parents.

“Hi, I’d really appreciate your help. My 14 month old son is now insisting on feeding himself and we are both getting bored with toast for breakfast. Do you have any healthy breakfast finger food suggestions?  Thank you!”

Firstly, it can certainly be challenging when your little one insists on feeding themselves before they are ready to use a fork/spoon independently. It limits the meal choices available and babies and toddlers will easily become bored or tired or frustrated before they are properly satisfied from eating.  This can leave them grumpy, fussy and may even cause sleeping problems.

A great way to solve this problem and allow you to continue to offer a wide variety of nutritious options at breakfast is by offering a healthy, high fibre cereal that you can attempt to spoon feed while at the same time offering her a spoon/fork to practice with and a breakfast tasting plate with healthy finger food options that she can feed herself.  If you do decide to offer cereal try offering a smaller portion to limit your food wastage if she  refuses to be spoon fed. Smoothies she can drink via a cup or a straw can be packed full of calcium, fibre and vitamin C and may be an alternative she will enjoy too.

When choosing a breakfast option for you child, the most nutritious options will include wholegrains, be high in carbohydrate and fibre and a source of protein and calcium.

Here are some of our favourite finger foods that we think are best suited to breakfast and many are suitable to freeze (marked with an*):



Some Smoothie Ideas:

Other FAQ’s:

Don’t forget to read our disclaimer.  If you have any specific questions or concerns regarding the nutritional adequacy of your child’s diet or their health and wellbeing please consult a medical practitioner or an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) for individualised advice.

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  1. posted by Jode@mummymusingsandmayhem on July 9, 2013

    A great list of ideas thanks! My twins are awful with breakfast at the moment so this will be most useful I hope 😉

  2. posted by Danielle on August 15, 2013

    Can I ask what hi fibre cereals do you recommend ? my son is 7 months old and has the farex baby cereals

  3. posted by Bernadette on June 20, 2015

    My son is 20 months old and is pretty good with a spoon but he usually eats his weet bix with his fingers as it’s quicker! Sometimes very messy but he refuses us to help him! He usually also has a piece of toast with vegemite or fruit toast. I’ve tried other options, porridge, fruit, pancakes, fritters etc but he is very fussy!


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