One Handed Cooks: Pick ‘N’ Mix Cooking

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 Pick ‘N’ Mix Cooking 

Pick ‘N’ Mix is one of our favourite ways of cooking for kids. You will love the flexibility as each recipe has a set of base ingredients that is combined with a second list of ingredient options to Pick ‘n’ Mix from to complete the meal.

Young children are notoriously picky eaters, so by allowing them to help choose some of the meal’s ingredients you might find they are more inclined to eat it. This way you are giving them some choice but inevitably you are the one in control, so each food should be something you are happy for them to eat.

Pick ‘N’ Mix cooking is:

  • Tasty
  • Nutritious
  • Simple and easy to prepare
  • Budget friendly
  • Offers variety
  • Suits the fussy eater
  • Uses seasonal produce
  • Low in additives.

Harness your creative side and embrace the freedom to choose ingredients you’re comfortable with, that are available in the pantry, and that guarantees a nutritionally balanced meal.

5 Pick ‘n’ Mix recipes: 

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