One Chicken Four Ways

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One Chicken, Four Ways

How far can you go with your budget meal planning? Pretty far it seems. When it comes to making the most of your ingredients and getting creative there is no better start than the humble roast chook. A crowd-pleasing roast chicken is surprisingly simple to achieve when you use only a few flavours and choose a quality, free-range bird that has had a nice life – it will be well worth the extra few dollars.

Cooking a roast chicken is incredibly simple to do and what you can do with the leftovers will really surprise you. A $10 chicken can be made into at least 3 meals and a flavoursome stock to freeze.

The following recipes will inspire you, and don’t forget to jump on the website to see hundreds of other chicken ideas from baby food and toddler finger food to party appetisers and main meals. We would love to hear your suggestions too.

Five ways with leftover chicken

Whether you have roasted your own or bought a BBQ chook to use, here are some great ways to use up the leftovers.

  1. Chicken and grilled vegetable fajitas
  2. Toasties with cheese and a dollop of onion relish
  3. A hearty chicken, vegetable and noodle soup
  4. Topping for your homemade pizzas
  5. Stir fried with some veggies and rice or noodles


Simple baked chicken and vegetables 

Home roasting your own chicken keeps added salt to a minimum without sacrificing on flavour, often is lower in fat and poses a much lower food safety risk to your family.


Leftover roast chicken stock

Homemade stock using leftover chicken bones is an economical and flavourful option for your family without the added salt and preservatives.


Chicken and leek bread pies 

Chicken and leek bread pies are a very flavoursome and always-popular little meal for kids. You can use leftover roast chicken meat from your roast chicken and the flavoursome homemade stock to make a mouth-watering batch of these pies. The vegetables we have used are all optional; you can pick ‘nmix to use whatever your children prefer or whatever you have in the fridge. 


Chicken and quinoa balls 

Chicken balls on their own are good but with added quinoa are even better. Bite sized toddler meals are a great way to use up your leftover roast chicken and you can sneak a whole range of veggies into these balls if you need to. These can be adapted to be egg, gluten and/or dairy free if required for allergy reasons.


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