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Our 7-day family friendly meal plans are available now:
Everyday, Make the most of leftovers, Slow & pressure cooker and Allergy-friendly

This year our meal planning habits have kicked up a notch. We’ve always flirted with meal planning knowing it reduces our mental load significantly, boosts the variety of the meals we cook each week and saves us a heap of money. Now with more children, they’re getting older and hungrier, it’s a non-negotiable. The more consistent we are with meal planning the easier it is. So to help us and to help you we’ve created 4 family-friendly meal plans to help make the task easier every now and then. The meals are chosen for you and the shopping list written down, there are even suggestions to help serve the meals to your little babes and fussy toddlers. We hope you enjoy them.

Our Everyday, Make the most of leftovers, Slow & pressure cooker and Allergy-friendly meal plans have been designed to suit the whole family including babies and toddlers plus a range of allergies and intolerances, Each meal plan has a complete weekly shopping list to help give your meal planning routine a kick-start.


What’s included in each meal plan:

  • 7 days worth of varied, nutritious dinner meals
  • A collated shopping list by both recipe and food group
  • Baby and toddler adaptations for each recipe so you can cook one meal for the whole family
  • Allergy and intolerance substitution suggestions are provided for gluten, wheat, egg and dairy. Plus additional allergies caterd for in our Allergy specific meal plan.

Everyday Meal Plan – $9.95

We know deciding what to have for dinner and writing out the shopping list each week is a big barrier to making meal planning a habit, so we’ve done the hard work for you! Our everyday meal plan has been made with busy families in mind. Our schedules might be full but when we plan our meals we are more inclined to eat a well balanced diet, eat together as a family and save a whole lot of money.

Everyday_Meal Plan_OneHandedCooks

Make the Most of Leftovers Meal Plan – $9.95

When it comes to meal planning, there is little else we love more than leftovers. With our make the most of leftovers meal plan we are cooking once, eating twice and transforming leftovers into new meals and ideas. It was created for those who don’t enjoy cooking every.single.night and it will save you a heap of time, mental energy and a whole lot of money.

Leftovers_Meal Plan_OneHandedCooks

Slow & Pressure Cooker Meal Plan – $9.95

This is our best collection of slow cooker family meals that you can use as a base to grow and expand on to incorporate more of your family’s favourites. These recipes are all suited to pressure cooking too for when you’ve missed that crucial moment to prepare the slow cooker!

SlowCooker_Meal Plan_OneHandedCooks

Allergy-friendly Meal Plan – $9.95

We know it can be exhausting planning your weekly menu every week, even more so when are catering to allergies and intolerances too.  For an egg, dairy and nut-free family meal plan this week we have you covered. You can even find adaptations for gluten, wheat and tomato alternatives too. We hope you enjoy it!


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