Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day 2013

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One Handed Cooks is very excited to be participating in the ‘Blogger Soup Challenge’ and to “Cook it. Share it. Live it.” this Friday the 17th of May.  It is all part of Food Revolution Day 2013, a campaign of Jamie Oliver’s charities: the Better Food Foundation (UK) and Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (US), and it’s partners at The Good Foundation (AUS)

Food Revolution Day is a global day of action for people to celebrate real food, where it comes from and how to cook it.  It’s a day to come together to keep these cooking skills alive, improve our food knowledge and share it with others.

We jumped at the opportunity to get involved in this fabulous cause.  As you know at One Handed Cooks we aim to inspire people to cook beautifully simple, healthy food for their children.  Through sharing our recipes and nutrition knowledge we hope to encourage parents to create and nurture positive food associations in their children, raising good little eaters who have a happy and healthy relationship with food.

Jamie Oliver says Food Revolution Day is “about inspiring people to build better relationships with good food, whether that’s through hosting a dinner party with friends, sharing a much loved recipe, trying a new ingredient or encouraging the kids to cook for mum and dad.”

“Food is a joy and we should celebrate it. But it’s important that we have the understanding to know what we can eat every day and what we should save as an occasional treat. I hope that all over the world on May 17th, people embrace great food and that many thousands of people come away from Food Revolution Day with a better understanding of food and cooking.”

So, what are we doing?  Well, after receiving our Aussie Farmers Direct Food Revolution Day Box containing a variety of fresh, local, seasonal produce our challenge will be to create a delicious and hearty soup.  The ideal winter staple food.  After we “Cook it” we will of course “Share it” so you can “Live it” and enjoy it with your friends and family. For a behind the scenes peek into what we are creating f0llow @onehandedcooks on instagram: #onehandedcooks #FRD2013.

There are many ways you can get involved if you want to do more.  Here are a few suggestions to involve your kids:

  • Start a herb or vegetable garden.
  • Visit your local farmers markets.
  • Take the opportunity to start a weekly or monthly cooking session.
  • Cook and enjoy breakfast together as a family.
  • Educate creatively via the free colouring-in printable available for download.

For more information, more ideas or to donate visit www.foodrevolutionday.com.

And don’t forget to visit us on friday to see what yumminess we have created!

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