Introducing: 1 Meal 3 Ways

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One meal, three ways

Have you mastered the art of family cooking? Trying to juggle three different meals, while ensuring each one is nutritious and delicious, can be exhausting. One meal, three ways aims to create a complete family meal that is suitable for a baby, toddler and adult. With a bit of planning, every meal can cater to the whole family, without compromising on taste, nutrition or your precious time. The other benefit is that meal planning for the whole family can lower your grocery bill each week.

Cooking safe family food:

  • Use products that contain no-added salt
  • Omit alcohol for vegetable stock
  • Use herbs and spices to add flavour
  • Remember the three-day rule when feeding your baby
  • Check each ingredient you use is appropriate for children
  • Serve meals in an age-appropriate way
  • Include extra grated or pureed veggies in all your meals
  • Incorporate healthy alternatives such as quinoa, or whole grains
  • Avoid adding sugar (and honey for babies) to your meals.

There’s no secret to cooking family food. You simply choose a meal you love, and during the cooking process remove elements suitable for your baby and gently mash. For your toddler, prepare the meal or deconstruct part of the meal into easy-to-manage finger foods.

Easy one meal, three ways ideas:

  • Risotto
  • Pasta
  • Roast meat and veggies
  • Stews
  • Pies
  • Beef burgers

Note: The following recipes may not be suitable for babies and toddlers of all ages. There is a lot of conflicting information regarding the best time to introduce various foods to babies; it is always best to speak to your health professional first.


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    I’ve seen this already on Woolworths Baby and Toddler Club, they launched it last year… yours is a rip off!

  2. posted by Bella on July 16, 2014

    Haha…Touche. Love your work guys 🙂


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