Inspiration: Healthy Easter Food & Activities for Kids

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Easter brings with it lots of happiness for kids. They get to spend time with extended family and family friends, enjoy exciting craft activities,  participate in Easter hat parades and Easter egg hunts and celebrate with lots of yummy food.  Finding a healthy balance amongst it all is possible whether the Easter bunny delivers chocolate or not. Incorporating fruits and vegetables into your activities regardless of whether you eat them or not all helps build positive food associations and encourages exposure and acceptance to a range of healthy foods – especially important for fussy and picky eaters.  Enjoy a happy Easter everyone!

Like all our inspiration posts we asked the One Handed Cooks community on our Facebook page for their ideas and inspiration:
“What healthy Easter treats or Easter activities do you have planned for the kids this week?”

Here are some great suggestions with links to some of our own recipes:

1. Cook hot cross buns or Easter scrolls with the kids.

2. Cook carrot cup cakes or a carrot cake

3. Use Easter themed cookie cutters  (e.g a carrot, bunny, chicken) to cut shapes out of biscuitssandwiches, pancakes (sweet/savoury), fruit etc.

4. Plant some carrot or other vegetable seedlings – the Easter bunny LOVES carrots 🙂

5. Paint or dye hard boiled eggs

6. Make fruit bunnies

7. Play with coloured play dough and shape into Easter shapes using cookie cutters (check out our great homemade play dough recipe in issue #2 of our magazine – on sale now)

8. Make Easter hats/bonnets

9. Make vegetable snacks for the Easter bunny e.g. vegetable shreddies or muffins for meals or snacks. Fussy eaters might like to enjoy a few too 😉 If they are good enough for the Easter bunny…

10. Eat and enjoy fish on Good Friday

11. Treasure hunts using plastic eggs filled with little non-edible gifts e.g. bubbles and stickers

12. Easter plaster painting craft

13. Potato stamp painting (choose potatoes that will look egg shaped when cut in half)

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  1. posted by The Hungry Mum on April 16, 2014

    How great is Easter?! I love it! My gals did a free gardening class today which they loved. I’ll keep your list to hand for next week when boredom strikes 🙂

  2. posted by Emma on May 24, 2021

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