INSPIRATION: 50 Freezer Friendly Lunchbox Snacks

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50 Freezer Friendly Lunchbox Snacks

Providing new, exciting and nutritious lunchbox snacks that your kids will love is always a challenge. We recently asked our fabulous One Handed Cooks community on Facebook for inspiration << join us today.

What are your favourite freezer friendly lunchbox snacks for the kids?

We’ve compiled a list an ever-helpful list of nutritious lunchbox snacks that are suitable for the freezer to save you time (and money) in the ‘get to school in time’ rush. 

Don’t forget to read our travelling lunchbox posts on food safety and nutrition as well as our safe food and preparation guide and freezing and defrosting guide.

A note on nuts: some of these recipes include nuts. Please remember to observe all safe allergy precautions and school regulations when including nuts. Or, try substituting with other ingredients such as seeds, dried fruit, oats or shredded coconut depending on the recipe. 


1. Pick ‘n’ mix banana and fruit loaf

2. Blueberry, apple & lemon muffins

3. Lemon, almond & ricotta mini muffins

4. Coconut & date cookies

5. Fruit ‘n’ nut muesli bars

6. Chew me oat fruit bars

7. Apricot coconut muesli balls

8. Pear, macadamia and quinoa muffins

9. Carrot cookies

10. Fruit, oat and chia mini chews

11. Fluffy blueberry and ricotta pancakes

12. Anzac biscuits

13. Lemon poppyseed slice

14. Coconut and date cookies

15. Coconut macaroons

16. Pear and apple oat balls

17. Peanut butter balls

18. Banana apple cinnamon muffins

19. Jam drop biscuits

20. Weetbix and blueberry muffins

21. Raisin bread sandwiches with jam


22. Mini muffin zucchini, leek and ricotta frittatas

23. Beetroot and ricotta baked frittas

24. Cheesy vegetable rice slice

25. Chicken and quinoa meatballs

26. Chicken, halloumi and quinoa balls

27. Pick ‘n’ mix savoury pancakes

28. Tomato risotto balls

29. Zucchini and basil muffins

30. Pumpkin and bacon risotto balls

31. Tuna melt fritters

32. Pick ‘n’ mix fritters

33. Kale, corn and capsicum fritters

34. Cheesy, corn and carrot muffins

35. Power meatballs

36. Pick ‘n’ mix savoury muffins

37. Cheesy vegemite scrolls

38. Zucchini slice

39. Cheesy crackers

40. Vegetable sausage rolls

41. Chicken and eggplants sausage rolls

42. Mini puff pizzas

43. Chicken schnitzel fingers

44. Vegetable rice cakes

45. Saffron spiced risotto balls

46. Leftover spag bol muffins

47. Tuna vegetable patties

48. Cheesy quinoa puffs

49. Pizza scrolls

50. Mini quiches

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  1. posted by Christine on January 25, 2015

    Do you reheat the meatballs in the microwave before packing in the lunchbox or just thaw them?

  2. posted by Aussie Bubs on January 27, 2015

    Awesome guide thank you so much!! My eldest is starting school and my youngest is starting pre-school so I’m certainly going to cook my way down this list.


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