INSPIRATION: 40+ Nutritious Legume Recipe Ideas

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40+ Nutritious Legume Recipes

Legumes are delicious, versatile, economical and satisfying. But not least of all, they are nutrient rich and offer a wide range of health benefits for both young and old. Also known as pulses they include all forms of beans and peas e.g. chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils and cannellini beans.  Currently only 1 in 20 Australian children regularly include legumes in their diet, so what are you waiting for?

If it’s new and inspiring legume recipes you need, then you’ve come to the right place. We recently asked our fabulous One Handed Cooks community on Facebook for inspiration << join us today.

“How do your kids enjoy all the goodness legumes (chickpeas/lentils/red kidney beans etc) have to offer?”

40+ Nutritious Legume Recipes

1. Chicken leek & lentils
2. Holiday chicken
3. Red lentil veggie puree
4. Simple beef and brown lentil ragu
5. Smooth pumpkin & lentil puree
6. Lamb & white bean ratatouille puree
7. Red lentil, pumpkin, pea & broccoli dahl

8. Green hummus dip
9. Hummus
10. Carrot, red lentil & yoghurt dip

Finger Food
11. Crispy spiced chickpeas
12. Chicken & cannellini bean nuggets
13. Cannellini bean, herb & quinoa patties
14. Enjoyed on their own as a snack or part of tasting plate
15. Lentil patties
16. Red lentil & pumpkin fritters
17. Chickpea & lentil fish cakes

18. Red lentil, carrot & ginger soup
19. Pearl barley, vegetable & basil soup
20. Pumpkin & lentil soup
21. Lovely lentil & veggie soup

Family meals
22. Beef, veggie and brown rice meatloaf
23. Tomato, herb & quinoa salad
24. Homemade baked beans
25. Tomato & red kidney bean pies
26. Chilli or not con carne
27. Chickpea or lentil curry
28. Bean and pasta salad
29. Vegeloaf
30. Lentils added to bolognese, lasagne or beef casserole
31. Chickpeas added to mash potato
32. Refried beans in cheese and avocado tacos
33. Lentil shepherds pie
34. Dahl
35. Black beans in quesadillas or burritos
36. Coconut chickpea curry
37. Brown lentils added to pasta sauces with grated carrot, zucchini and sweet potato
38. Beef and lentil meatballs
39. Tomato and chickpea stew
40. Veggie chilli

41. Flourless chocolate cupcakes 0r magic bean cakes
42. Chickpea cookies

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