Inspiration: 20 Fresh & Healthy Smoothie Recipes

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Do you ever get stuck for ideas when you want to make a smoothie? Especially when you want to serve it to your kids too? Do you find yourself cooking the same-old because you can’t be bothered searching for something new? When we get stuck, there’s no better inspiration than the community of One Handed Cooks on our Facebook page.

Today we asked, “What’s your #1 fruit smoothie combo for the kids this summer?”

The answers were fabulous, we were so inspired. So here they are for your own inspiration, and we’ve linked so some of our own recipes you might like to try.

20 fresh & healthy smoothie ideas

  1. Banana & mango
  2. Mango banana honey yoghurt milk & ice
  3. Raspberries & banana
  4. Orange & banana
  5. Avocado, frozen yoghurt & milk
  6. Weetbix, raspberries, LSA, banana & milk
  7. Berry oaty breakfast smoothie
  8. Pear, apple, mango & banana
  9. Pineapple, mint, natural yoghurt & ice
  10. Fresh strawberry, blueberry and raw almond milk
  11. Coconut water, chia seeds, mango & banana
  12. Mango, blueberry, oats, chia seeds and greek yoghurt
  13. Banana, strawberry, yoghurt & coconut water
  14. Banana, strawberry, papaya, yoghurt, rice milk, chia seeds, raw honey
  15. Mixed frozen berries, banana, cinnamon & honey
  16. Watermelon, mango, strawberry & yoghurt
  17. Peach, banana & frozen berries
  18. Kiwi, pineapple & ice
  19. Pineapple, kale, banana & coconut milk
  20. Banana, berries, spinach, yoghurt, milk & honey
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