Inspiration: 15 Minute Meals

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There are times when you only have around 15 minutes to get a nutritious family meal on the table. And these times require great ideas. When we get stuck, there’s no better inspiration than the community of One Handed Cooks on our Facebook page.

Earlier this week we asked, “What are your top fast-but-healthy family dinner ideas. Let’s say you’ve got 15-20 minutes to get dinner on the table. What do you cook?”

The answers were fabulous. So here they are for your own inspiration, and we’ve linked so some of our own recipes you might like to try.

30 super quick meal ideas

  1. Tuna patties with salad
  2. Omelette
  3. Frittata 
  4. Baked Beans 
  5. Stir fry
  6. Mini pizzas on pita bread 
  7. Marinated chicken and rice
  8. Chicken wraps
  9. Vegetable fajitas  
  10. Baked salmon, feta and pinenuts
  11. Fish cakes
  12. Salad
  13. Creamy garlic prawns on quinoa
  14. Fried rice
  15. Salad and BBQ meat
  16. Savoury mince
  17.  Zucchini slice 
  18. Quesadillas
  19. BBQ chicken and salad
  20. Sang choy bow
  21. Risotto 
  22. Chicken fillets, rolled in yoghurt and crumbed then baked
  23. Schnitzel fingers 
  24. Simple cheesy pasta 
  25. Tacos
  26. Steak sandwiches
  27. Bread pies 
  28. Vegetable shreddies 
  29. Chicken halloumi balls 
  30. Fish fingers 

Don’t forget you can always fill your freezer for times like these.
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