Homemade Take-Away

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Kids love take-away, it’s something different, is often very yummy, and gives the house head chef a much needed break. But sometimes take-away food just doesn’t make the monthly budget, or social lives are in full swing and the family is already eating enough food out and about.

There’s no reason why you cant bring the take-away style of food into the house as a fast and delicious meal option. The benefits of making your own take-away food is that it can be so much healthier and caters to allergies and intolerance’s much more simply. It also keeps meal idea’s fun and interactive, so when times are tight or everyone needs a health kick, food and eating is still seen as being part of fun family time.

A few of our favourites:

Popcorn Chicken

  • Serve these crispy little bites in individual bowls with a yummy dipping sauce. These will go perfectly with some homemade chips and a salad.

Hot Chips (Fries)

  • Hot chips are a huge favourite around here. By making my own I know Harry is avoiding all the salt and trans fat. All the fun with none of the guilt.


  • Burgers are the true take-away meal that we all love. Making your own choice of meat patties such as our vegetarian mushroom, pork and fennel, or lamb, and constructing the burgers with a buffet style salad bar can be a really fun and interactive Friday night family meal.

Fish and Chips

  • Serve your own version of fish and chips in brown paper bags. Sit out on the deck or throw a rug on the grass and enjoy an evening meal outdoors. Everything you love about Fish and Chips, minus the swooping seagulls.


  • Pizza is a classic favourite for kids. One of the best ways to bring this into the home is by rolling your own  dough and creating a pizza bar for the kids to create their own. If you don’t have time you can buy great pre-made bases or use some pita bread. Our Spelt PizzaPizza Rounds, Caramelised onion pitta pizza, or Mini Puffs would work well too.

Rice Paper Rolls

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