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We often promote cooking with your children. There are so many benefits of cooking with kids, and many age appropriate cooking and recipe ideas for you to try. I recently did a first aid course with my mothers group, and learning the possible dangers in the kitchen and hearing some horrible stories left me feeling like my kitchen was an absolute death trap. So before you launch into a marathon cook-off with your kids, one of the most important things to consider is kitchen safety. How safe is your kitchen? What could your child access if they were crawling, climbing or exploring new cupboards? Can they reach the stove? Can they open the oven door? Find the medicine? Pull something heavy out of the fridge?

We recently trialed the new Style range from Dreambaby® which offers some really great looking and versatile safety products perfect for the kitchen. Here are the products we tested (and also the one’s you could win):

Oven lock | Refrigerator latch | Angle lock 2 pack Multi-purpose clear latch | Outlet plugs 12 pack | Microwave oven lock | Cabinet sliding lock

DSC_6327 v2

What we thought? 

While it’s important to never leave your child unattended in the kitchen, accidents do happen and you can never be too careful. The trend of Australian homes these days often involves an open plan kitchen, dining, and living area. These open areas make it difficult to close off the kitchen using safety gates. Once your baby is one the move, the kitchen becomes a pretty appealing place. These safety products from Dreambaby® are some of the best I have used, and I would recommend them. They look far nicer than some of the other brands, blend in nicely, are stick on – so no drilling, and are really well designed. Harry was given free reign to test all the safety latches while I hid in the pantry to watch. Much to his frustration he couldn’t get into anything. I have since replaced all the safety latches and locks in my home with the Dreambaby® brand because they look nicer, and stop my little destructor from getting in places he shouldn’t.

Ding, Ding Ding – Winner (COMPETITION NOW CLOSED) 

To go into the draw to win a pack of Dreambaby® Style Range(worth RRP $48.68) simply enter below (the Rafflecopter widget).  Competition closes 28.02.13 at midnight and the winner will be contacted via email as per Facebook Rules and Regulations.

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For more innovative safety products for your home visit Dreambaby® Website and become a fan on Facebook

We at One Handed Cooks were not paid for this post. We chose to partner with Dreambaby® and trial the kitchen safety products. Once trialled we found these to be a great product and one we would recommend to our readers. All opinions on this site are our true honest opinions. 

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  1. posted by Amanda Train on February 14, 2013

    we love to make chicken schnitzel together. My daughter thinks it is great fun.

  2. posted by Amy on February 14, 2013

    Favourite meal to cook with my child = banana muffins (he loves to “help” me mash bananas… I usually do an extra one so that what he “mushes” and eats is compensated for)

  3. posted by Camilla Wanders on February 14, 2013

    grI love to cook cheese and veggie muffins with my two year old. He always steals the raw grated carrot, but I certainly don’t mind!

  4. posted by S Armstrong on February 14, 2013

    Pancakes – they can do most of it themselves

  5. posted by Gayle on February 14, 2013

    Pancakes, as it is not just getting the ingredients together, it is also trying what tastes great on them

  6. posted by Rebecca Baker on February 14, 2013

    Spagetti bog!
    And what makes it even better is he eats it all with no complaints!

  7. posted by kerry santillo on February 14, 2013

    Butetrfly cakes!! after we eat the mixture we manage to make a few hahaha

  8. posted by Annemarie on February 14, 2013

    My son is too young to cook with so he supervises. I explain what all the ingredients are when I’m cooking.

  9. posted by Stacey Shailer on February 14, 2013

    My little man is only 18 months old, but loves to cook anything that ends with him licking the spoon and/or bowl clean!

  10. posted by Kara Beal on February 14, 2013

    Cupcakes, but with three children you need to use three spoons so that everyone gets to lick one at the end.

  11. posted by sandra simpson on February 15, 2013

    my boys love icecream cups with cake cooked in them and iced with coloured icing and sprinkles….so much so that i now have to make 60 to send on school camp next week…just as well more hands make it easier 🙂

  12. posted by Ying Ying TAN on February 15, 2013

    My daughter and I love to cook our good old scramble eggs for breakfast, especially cracking the egg, frantically mixing and scrambling it gives us the sense of satisfaction…ahhh!!!

  13. posted by Emma on February 15, 2013

    My daughter has just started to ‘explore’ our open plan kitchen..and is loving to empty cupboards so these products would be a godsend for me. My older sons love cooking with me, mac and cheese is on tonights menu for them to help cook.

  14. posted by Kaz Purtill-Wright on February 16, 2013

    My oldest daughter has just recently developed a love for cooking. I think it pretty much started after watching Masterchef junior. My husband is the cook in our family so on weekends, he and our daughter spend time out in the kitchen making dinner and dessert. To be honestly though, I think the meals she and my hubby love to cook together the most are the desserts. They both have a sweet tooth so love making it and eating it after, especially anything with chocolate or apples in it. Just last weekend she made, completely on her own, an apple crumble and it was sooo yummy. My middle child is not interested in cooking at all and the toddler, well he’d rather just eat.

  15. posted by Wendy on February 16, 2013

    veggie sausages and mashed potatoes its my baby girls favourite and I love it too its easy to cook and fast to make.

  16. posted by Christy on February 16, 2013

    At the moment it’s baby purees! I intend to involve him in cooking as much as possible so he can learn about making good food choices.

  17. posted by Stephanie Veljanovska on February 18, 2013

    My Son loves to Make Zucchini Slice with me he does all the Mixing of the Ingredients for me . Very Messy but Very Fun.

  18. posted by rubi on February 18, 2013

    Mini pizzas – lots of fun and we can try out new topings everytime@

  19. posted by Kelly S on February 18, 2013

    I always love cooking gingerbread men with kids. Regardless of the age, there is something they can do and they love it

  20. posted by Allie on February 18, 2013

    We are loving reading all these answers, giving us some great ideas too 🙂 Good luck in the competition everyone xxx

  21. posted by Kimberly Featherstone on February 18, 2013

    My daughter likes to make spaghetti… she loves to chop up the vegies and add them all in… also eating pasta is her favourite, so that is a bonus

  22. posted by Sara on February 18, 2013

    My boys love making muffins and mess!

  23. posted by Stephanie on February 19, 2013

    Scrambled eggs! She like to stir the eggs once i’ve whisked them!! 🙂

  24. posted by Nichola on February 20, 2013

    Millie loves crumbing mini chicken schnitzels (she calls them chicken nuggets)…. She commentates while she works – ‘I am now putting the chicken pieces in the egg sauce’…. The next Nigella Lawson!!!

  25. posted by Allison @ Utterly Organised on February 21, 2013

    My little man is a bit young to cook just yet, but he loves pulling at my dress as I make cookies and cakes for Daddy!

  26. posted by Jennifer on February 21, 2013

    My 15 month old daughter is in love with tuna pasta bake and scrambled eggs! Although having said that she loves to eat most anything 🙂

  27. posted by Saman on February 21, 2013

    My daughter has loved to bake since she was 2 – she’s now 4 and we’ve cooked all sorts of things together. But we especially love making cakes, mostly because she loves to lick the spoon afterwards 🙂

  28. posted by Megan on February 24, 2013

    My little man loves any cooking that involves tipping ingredients into a bowl. His healthy ‘cookie’ recipe would be one of our faves because of this, lots of ingredients to tip!

  29. posted by Cherie Davis on February 25, 2013

    Always handy when the little monsters are lurking in the kitchen

  30. posted by Anne Patterson on February 25, 2013

    Scrambled eggs are a hit to cook here!

  31. posted by AmberB on February 25, 2013

    Spaghetti Bolognese AKA sketti bog

  32. posted by Laura on February 26, 2013

    Can’t wait to make the pizza!

  33. posted by Megan M on February 27, 2013

    Zucchini slice! Any time eggs are on the menu I have 1 particular little cook who is always first in line to help!

  34. posted by Jaiya on February 27, 2013

    We love to cook lots of yummy things with peas in them .. He just can’t get enough of them ,
    my pea, garlic,lemon, cheese and shell pasta is a fav at the moment 🙂

  35. posted by Claire Lewis on February 27, 2013

    My little girl and I love to bake together, but our favourite meal to cook together is breakfast! She loves to help with cracking eggs, mixing pancakes, spreading butter on toast, serving up cereal… And then she loves to eat it all!

  36. posted by Pieta on February 27, 2013

    the current favourite is smartie cookies, i make the cookie dough and my favourite 17month old reshapes them to what he wants and pushes in the smaties. This means i usually end up with 3 trays of cookies instead of two but its hours of fun making them.

  37. posted by Jessie Hay on February 27, 2013

    My kids love helping me mix and bake bickkies- then we have lots of fun decorating them too! (best part is the eating though lol)


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