Food Revolution Day 2014: ‘Let’s Get Kids Excited About Food’ #FRD2014

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“Every child should understand where food comes from, how to cook it, and how it affects their bodies. Food Revolution Day is about getting kids excited about food, helping them get food smart and setting them up for a long, healthy life.” – Jamie Oliver.


Jamie Oliver and The Good Foundation are back this year with Food Revolution Day #FRD2014 and it’s all about cooking with kids and getting them excited about food. Something we are passionate about and excited to be involved in. At One Handed Cooks we’re passionate about encouraging positive food associations in children right from the start. It’s never too early to build a healthy relationship with food and eating, and as parent’s or carers there is so much we can do.

We often take our own health, our future health and wellbeing and the health and wellbeing of our children for granted. Childhood obesity is on the rise with already 43 million worldwide, under the age of five, either overweight of obese.  And children today are the first generation predicted to live shorter lives than their parents due to diet and inactivity.

There is no super secret that we need to wait for. A balanced, varied and nutritious diet along with physical activity is the key to a healthy lifestyle. It allows us the energy and vitality to play, grow and learn.

‘Learning how to cook from scratch is one of the most valuable skills a child can ever learn. This knowledge used to be passed down from generation to generation, but now, with an over- reliance on unhealthy convenience foods, millions of people lack the confidence and even the most basic skills to cook for themselves and their families. By educating children about food in a fun and engaging way, we’re equipping them and the generations to come, with the skills they need to live healthier lives.’ #FRD2014

How to get involved

  • Join in Jamie’s LIVE cooking lesson in partnership with TES: available in Australia
  • Choose and cook a One Handed Cooks recipe from scratch (we’ve listed our top 10 recipes to cook with kids below)
  • Download a Food Revolution Day recipe and cook from scratch
  • Try a new ingredient
  • Download one of our activity challenges for kids
  • Help kids plant fruit and vegetable seeds and watch them grow
  • Share your Food Revolution Day pictures and videos via social media #FRD2014

Benefits of Cooking with Kids

Cooking with your children is a wonderful activity that engages their curiosity and inspires them to try new foods. Growing and picking fresh food, and then preparing and cooking it will provide positive food experiences that will encourage good eating habits for life.

  • Encourages food appreciation
  • Tackles fussy eating issues
  • Promotes a healthy self esteem
  • Adds to their vocabulary
  • Develops mathematical concepts
  • Establishes important reading skills
  • Provides time for bonding and a positive parent/child relationship

Our top 5 ways to help build and encourage a positive, healthy and happy relationship with food:

1. Garden with your kids
2. Cook with your kids
3. Encourage babies and toddlers to make a mess 
4. Talk to your kids about nutrition
5. Embrace family mealtimes

Our top 10 recipes to cook with your kids:

1. Vegetable rice cakes
2. Pick ‘n’ mix savoury muffins
3. Cheesy crackers
4. Pick ‘n’ mix vegetable shreddies
5. Homemade sausages
6. Cauliflower popcorn bites
7. Popcorn chicken 
8. Blueberry, apple and lemon muffins
9. Apricot & coconut muesli balls
10. Date & coconut biscuits

What are your favourite meals to cook with the kids?
What new ingredient are you planning to try?
We’d love to hear your plans for Food Revolution Day 2014.

You can read more about how we enjoyed participating in last year’s Food Revolution Day 2013.  Our Pearl, Barley & Basil Soup and Creamy Pumpkin & Cashew Nut Soup are sure to be on hit again this winter.

Happy cooking and happy eating! – OHCs x

ps.we love cooking with our kids, check out our own cooking video:  #cookingwithharry&george

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