Finger Foodie eBook – Your Baby Led Weaning Guide

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Finger Foodie eBook – Your Baby Led Weaning Guide

The long awaited follow up to Baby Foodie, Finger Foodie is the second eBook in our ‘Foodie’ collection. If you’re embarking on Baby Led Weaning or simply looking for nutritious finger food ideas to offer your baby or toddler, then Finger Foodie has you covered. It takes you from first tastes to age appropriate finger foods and adapting family meals to suit your baby’s preferred style of feeding. With our finger food essentials and BLW guide, over 50 dietitian approved recipes, nutrition notes and fussy eating tips along the way your baby will enjoy a nutritious start to their food journey.

If a hard copy book is what you’re after, our new cookbook One Handed Cooks – Raising a good eater from baby to school age is now on sale. It takes you on a feeding journey, from starting solids, to finger foods, healthy snack ideas and introducing family foods.


Why you will love the book

Starting finger foods early in your child’s starting solids journey has countless benefits for learning how to eat, a complex process that takes around 2-3 years.  Finger Foodie answers all your questions on when to start solids with your baby, a BLW sample feeding guide to help you introduce finger foods safely as well as tips to troubleshoot common problems and solutions in the early months. It includes over 50 of our favourite savoury and sweet recipes to appeal to and entice babies and toddlers.

Table of Contents

  • Disclaimer
  • About One Handed Cooks
  • Join our social community
  • Current starting solids guidelines
  • Baby-led weaning vs the hybrid approach
  • Finger food essentials
  • BLW sample guide
  • Appetite awareness
  • Introducing the sippy cup
  • Common problems and solutions
    • Constipation
    • Food refusal
    • Spoon refusal
    • Throwing food
    • Spitting out food
  • Allergies and intolerances
  • Foods to avoid
  • Food preparation basics
    • Food safety
    • Food storage
    • Freezing and reheating food
  • Weights and measures
  • A guide to using this book
  • Early finger foods
  • The recipes
    • Savoury
    • Sweet
  • Resources

The e-book is a PDF which can be viewed on any computer, iPad, iPhone, smartphone or tablet with a PDF view.

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