Fill Your Freezer Challenge: Recipes

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We’re getting excited! It’s less than a week to go before our Fill Your Freezer Challenge starts and I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I’m going to cook.  I finally decided on this mix of healthy meals to maximise both variety and nutrition. Feel free to join me and cook these delicious recipes (I’ve also listed some other One Handed Cooks favourites you might like to try) or alternatively cook your own family favourite recipes.

We’re sending out our challenge pack printable this week that will include everything you need to get started (recipes, shopping lists, weekly planner and more) so don’t forget to sign up, which you can do here.

Monday Family Meal What I’ll Be Cooking:
Baked Meatballs with Simple Tomato Sauce
Other Suggestions:
Fish and Potato Pie
Vegetable Lasagna
Tuesday Finger Food What I’ll Be Cooking:
Vegetable Rice Cakes
Other Suggestions:
Lamb Rissoles
Pick N Mix Fritters
Wednesday Family Meal What I’ll Be Cooking:
Tuna Mornay
Other Suggestions:
Chicken and Mushroom Pies
Hidden Veggies Pasta Sauce
Thursday Baby Food What I’ll Be Cooking:
Green Chicken Quinoa Puree
Other Suggestions:
Lamb Veggie Rice
Salmon Veggie Mash
Friday Sweet Snack What I’ll Be Cooking:
Apricot Coconut Muesli Balls
Other Suggestions:
Chew Me Fruit Oat Bars
Banana, Apple and Cinnamon Muffins
Breakfast Cereal What I’ll Be Cooking:
Pick N Mix Toasted Muesli
Other Suggestions:
Pick N Mix Bircher Muesli
Almond and Hazelnut Baby Muesli
Stock What I’ll Be Cooking:
Vegetable Stock
Other Suggestions:
Chicken Stock


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