Favourite Recipes: Baby, Toddler, Family Food

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I often get asked what my son’s favourite puree’s, finger foods and dinners were as a baby and toddler and now as a busy 3 year old. Harry has never been particularly fussy and loves to eat Tasting Plate style, but there are some meals that stand out as things we would make time and time again. I must admit, with hundreds of recipes on the blog this took some time to decide on, but here is the list! This is a nice trip down memory lane for me as I will soon be starting my new baby Amelia, on solids.

Here are my or I should say Harry’s top 5 in each category. I would love to hear your children’s favourite meals too.

Baby Puree/Textured Food 

  1. Cauliflower, sweet potato, leek puree 
  2. Lamb, veggie and brown rice or quinoa 
  3. Tropical fruit puree 
  4. Baby fish pie 
  5. Baby bolognese 

Finger Food – Savoury

  1. Pick ‘n’ mix vegetable shreddies 
  2. Pick ‘n’ mix cheesy triangles 
  3. Chicken Halloumi Balls 
  4. Pick ‘n’ mix fritters  
  5. Lamb and quinoa patties 
  6. Chicken and bean nuggets – one more I couldn’t leave out!

Finger Food – Sweet 

  1. Chia mini chews 
  2. Carrot cookies 
  3. Chew me fruit oat bars 
  4. Banana pancakes 
  5. Peanut butter balls 

Family Meals 

  1. Mushroom crepes 
  2. Tuna mornay 
  3. Beef and ricotta lasagna 
  4. Chicken and leek bread pies 
  5. Baked risotto (balls) 
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