Easter Baking Inspiration

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Easter Baking Inspiration

With the Easter long weekend just a few days away the kids are busy chatting non-stop about egg hunts, drawing bunnies, practising their egg hunting using hand drawn Easter eggs and requesting hot cross buns for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

To find some balance amongst the chocolate and nurture their love of baking we’ll be enjoying a few homemade goodies this week (the Easter scrolls are a firm favourite) and finding some creative ways to use up the chocolate. And if you’re looking for a few food ideas and activities with a healthy touch or that feature a veggie or two you can check them out here. You never know, carrots may become the favourite food of the week? If they’re good enough for the Easter bunny…

Happy baking, happy Easter.

OHCs xxx

Easter Scrolls

So delicious, these are a must try if you’ve overdone the hot cross buns. The step-by-step pictures make the process super simple.


Hot Cross Buns

The quickest, easiest (and yummiest) recipe we’ve tried.


Easter Biscuits

So simple and so fun. They’re lovely to make with the kids to give as gifts.


Carrot Cookies

Cookies with carrots. The Easter bunny will love to try these on his visit.


Easter Egg Chocolate Fondue

Not technically a baking recipe but it’s what to make when you need the Easter eggs gone. And fast.


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