Cooking Methods

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  • The best way to retain nutrients in food is to steam.
  • Use a colander over a pot of boiling water or buy a steamer saucepan.


  • Boiling is a very simple way to cook, but be mindful not to over cook the food.
  • Boil in minimal water and use the cooking water when blending food.
  • Avoid lifting the lid on boiling food too often as this releases food nutrients.


  • Invest in a small food processor or mini/stick blender. These are so easy to clean and can be pulled out of the drawer in an instant.


  • Invest in some decent BPA free baby food storage containers. The ice-cube styles with lids are perfect for single serve purees.
  • Once frozen, pop out the purees and place in a freezer proof plastic bag. Label each bag with ingredients and the date it was frozen.


  • Cover, cool and refrigerate cooked meat immediately.
  • Keep cooked food for no more than two days in airtight containers.


  • After you have cooked a meal, add a bit of extra boiled water then freeze immediately in small portions.
  • Every evening select from the freezer the food you plan to feed your baby and place in the fridge to defrost.
  • Do not refreeze meals that have already been thawed.
  • If in doubt, throw it out.


  • Reheat thawed or refrigerate meals in a small amount of water in a saucepan or in the microwave.
  • Heat to at least 70oC, or boil the juices for a few minutes to ensure food is cooked.
  • Mix the food well once reheating, and always test the temperature before giving it to your baby.
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