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Autumn Foods: Spotlight on Apples, Tomatoes, Mushrooms

By: | 0 Comments | On: May 9, 2013 | Category : Foods, Nutrition

Buying in season food can be a really good idea for both nutritional reasons and for money saving. Seasonal food is usually cheaper so planning your meals around the foods in season will end up being better for the whole family. I keep my One Handed Cooks Seasonal Fruit, Vegetable and...
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How to Cook: Quinoa

By: | 12 Comments | On: March 19, 2013 | Category : Food Preparation, Food Storage, Foods, Nutrition

Following on from our recent post about how wonderful and nutritious quinoa is we thought we should fill you in on how best to prepare and cook this super seed.  In addition to the health benefits of quinoa there are also many practical benefits to using quinoa in the kitchen....
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Quinoa: Our Favourite Superfood

By: | 4 Comments | On: March 6, 2013 | Category : Foods, Nutrition

The term ‘superfood’ gets thrown around a lot but we think quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) deserves it.  You may have noticed that we quite like quinoa, so do our bubs and so does the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO).  The FAO have declared 2013 the International Year...
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Boosting Your Child’s Iron Intake

By: | 1 Comment | On: March 5, 2013 | Category : Foods, Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals

Boosting Your Child’s Iron Intake If you have a baby and are starting solids, you might have heard the word “iron” being thrown around a lot. That’s because iron is essential for growing babies and toddlers. The problem is, that iron deficiency is most common between the ages 6-24 months....
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Simply Sandwiches

By: | 4 Comments | On: February 19, 2013 | Category : Food Preparation, Foods, Fussy Eaters, Nutrition

Do your children eat the same filling on their sandwiches day in and day out?   Is it because they refuse all other options or because they just genuinely love it? Whatever the answer we have a free printable for you to help the kids choose their own sandwich fillings and...
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