Boost Your Basics

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 ‘Boost your basics’

Are there meals your kids absolutely LOVE and will devour every time they’re offered, even asking for more? But, you wish they were a tad healthier or they included a few more vegetables? You will pleased to know most of your favourite recipes can be adapted to include more nutritious foods or modified to swap out some of the less healthy ingredients while still tasting just as delicious, possibly even more so. Boosting your basics is also a way to add variety to your family’s eating habits which is necessary for long term health and wellbeing and to encourage positive eating behaviours in your children.

Here are 80+ RECIPES TO ENCOURAGE KIDS TO ENJOY THEIR VEGGIES to help get you started. If you have any favourites of your own we’d love to hear about them.

5 healthy additions

5 healthy substitutions

  • Swap white rice for brown rice or quinoa
  • Swap butter for extra virgin olive oil
  • Swap white breadcrumbs for multigrain breadcrumbs, homemade breadcrumbs or quinoa flakes
  • Swap commercial stock for homemade or no added salt varieties
  • Swap dried fruit for preservative free varieties

5 top tips to help boost your basics

  • Meal plan for the week ahead
  • Keep a well stocked pantry
  • Be inspired by the vibrant and colourful looking vegetables at your green grocer, farmers market or supermarket
  • Choose seasonal ingredients for maximal their taste, nutrition and value
  • Flip through your stash of One Handed Cooks magazines, cookbooks and the Internet for inspiring new recipes.

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