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Whether your child is an angelic eater or a mealtime monster, interacting with and growing their own food is a great step towards developing positive food associations. You don’t need to plant a fully sustainable veggie patch to teach your children about food, many of us just don’t have the time or space for it. There are lots of other ways to get involved such as balcony herb pots, community gardens or simply a trip to the fruit markets.

You may have seen our post 10 Tips to help food refusal. One of the tips was:

Let them grow it

  •             Start a veggie patch
  •             Plant some herbs
  •             Buy an orange tree
  •             Create a “grass head” or other planting activity

The Mr Grassy Herb Head is a twist on the classic children’s activity. It is simple to do, educational and helps teach children about planting and growth.

The additional step of planting herbs is a great way for older children to nurture a plant to grow and then taste the magical flavours through cooking. If you choose Mr Herb Head, don’t add the grass seeds in step one.

We hope you enjoy our free printable.

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