50+ Portable Snacks For Babies, Toddlers and Kids

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Portable snacks for babies, toddlers and kids is a hot topic. We all lead such busy lives so it’s only natural to want to take a bag full of healthy snacks for the kids to enjoy when out and about. You might also enjoy our post on how to offer healthy snacks to kids. For ALL NEW recipes check out our Best Selling books How to raise a healthy, happy eater from baby to school age, and Boosting Your basics. Or you might like our Foodie eBooks.

So many pre-packaged snacks are loaded with additives, preservatives, or high amounts of salt and sugar so it can be hard to find a healthy alternative that still tastes delicious. We have put together a great list of recipes and ideas that might help when you are next packing the snack bag.


50+ Portable Baby/Toddler Snacks 

  1. Choc chip muesli bars 
  2. Carrot cake ‘no bake’ balls 
  3. Fruit and veg roll ups 
  4. Pick ‘n’ Mix Fritters 
  5. Pick ‘n’ mix triangles 
  6. Oat bars 
  7. Chia squares 
  8. Muffins – 30 sweet and savoury muffin ideas 
  9. Biscuits – 18 healthy biscuit ideas 
  10. Smoothies – 20 healthy smoothie ideas 
  11. Edible necklace 
  12. Kale chips 
  13. Fruit skewers 
  14. Roast pumpkin loaf 
  15. Quinoa balls 
  16. Nuggets (ChickenSweet potatoQuinoa)
  17. Peanut butter balls 
  18. Zucchini chips 
  19. Muesli bars 
  20. Watermelon icy poles 
  21. Apricot coconut balls 
  22. Vegetable sausage rolls 
  23. Mini spelt pizza 
  24. Zucchini nuggets 
  25. Chickpeas 
  26. Roast veggie tarts
  27. Sulphur free dried fruit mix
  28. 3 bean mix
  29. Meatballs 
  30. Vegetable sticks
  31. Humus with pita bread
  32. Corn on cob
  33. Frozen peas, beans and corn
  34. Piklets/pancakes 
  35. Frozen yoghurt
  36. Avocado sandwich
  37. Frozen grapes 
  38. Fresh fruit cut up – with some lemon brushed over them to stop browning
  39. Pear and macadamia balls
  40. Blueberry, Apple & Lemon muffins
  41. Banana and fruit loaf 
  42. Cheesy crackers
  43. Zucchini slice
  44. Pinwheel wraps 
  45. Quinoa sushi
  46. Caramelised onion and thyme pull-apart 
  47. Carrot cookies
  48. Fruity cookies
  49. Coconut and date cookies
  50. Chickpea cookies
  51. Kale and corn fritters
  52. Roast vegetable tarts 
  53. Asian style corn and noodle fritters

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