5 Reasons for ‘In Season’

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Have you tried eating a mango in the middle of winter? It’s just not the same as enjoying them in summer when they are in season and at their peak.

Fruits and vegetables are packed full of vitamins and minerals and high in fibre.  Eating adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables is important for maintaining good health, introducing positive eating behaviours and reducing risk of chronic diseases later in life.  

Buying fresh fruits and vegetables in season is important for many reasons:

1. Taste. They taste much better.  This will help your kids enjoy the delicious-ness fruits and vegetables have to offer.

2. Value. They are usually cheaper, helping to keep your weekly shop within budget while still buying plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for your family.

3. Freshness. They are more likely to be locally grown requiring less transportation from farm to plate.

4. Nutrition. They are often higher in nutritional value and freshness as there is less transportation required.  Fruits and vegetables lose nutrients as soon as they are harvested so the less time and transport required to get to your plate the better!

5. Locally grown. You are supporting local growers as ‘in season’ produce is more likely to farmed in Australia rather than imported from overseas.

Here are some of our tips to help encourage kids to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables.
– Offer peeled (if necessary), cut and washed fruit. They may be more likely to eat it chopped compared with a whole piece of fruit.
– Make sure your kids see you enjoy eating a variety of fruits and vegetables.  Kids learn best by watching.
– Grow your own.  Start a vegie patch with the kids, plant a fruit tree or even a small herb garden.
– If you can, involve your child in the shopping, letting them choose which varieties they would like to try.  If they are old enough include them in preparing it too.

Want to know when your favourite fruit, vegetable or herb is in season? Our free printable is here to help. Enjoy!

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  1. posted by Bek on April 23, 2013

    I find my daughter won’t eat fruit cut up! If I give her a whole, peeled apple she will devour it. However, if I cut it up into bite sized piece she won’t touch it. For watermelon and rockmelon, etc I spoon balls from it while she is watching and she will eat it. Too fussy for a 12month old but less work for me!


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