5 Great Kid Friendly Recipes For Christmas Leftovers

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5 Great Kid Friendly Recipes for Christmas Leftovers

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Christmas is over for another year. So whether you are still on the couch rubbing your full belly or trying to swim out of the Christmas wrapping, eventually you will end up back at the fridge looking for a nice simple meal. Here are 5 great recipes that can help to use up your ham and turkey.

1. Turkey pita pies - a great little pie that uses mountain bread instead of pastry


2. Pick N Mix fritters – these are loved by kids of all ages, pop in some chopped ham and freeze for a really simple snack, you will thank yourself later


3. Veggie and ham fried rice – fried rice is so simple to make which is just what you need after such a busy few weeks. Wonderful with fresh ham


4. Whatever-you-got holiday pasta – an oh-so-simple pasta recipe that calls for shredded meats such as turkey or ham


5. Ham and thyme muffins – really delicious muffins that you can use up any spare ham. These are great in the freezer too for a very simple meal or snack that the kids will love.


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