4 Freezer Friendly Lunchbox Snacks In 1 Hour

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The start of this year has been a hectic one, and we just got back from holidays. My freezer is completely bare, bar a packet of frozen peas and some pastry sheets. So, I wanted to fill the freezer with snacks that are perfect for school lunch boxes. I like to pack fresh food in the lunchbox where possible, but I absolutely rely on my freezer for some baked goodies and smoothies and almost every lunchbox has something defrosting in it throughout the day. But, to be honest, I don’t really feel like spending all weekend cooking. So I have chosen four recipes that can be done and dusted in under an hour. I know because I just did it, plus a day sleep resettle and quick tea party. Ideally you need the whole hour to yourself as you will be multitasking, but it will be worth it.

Start with the scrolls, then once they are in the oven sort the muffins, then you can toast the oats for the balls in the hot oven and blitz the rest in the food processor.

Here’s what I am cooking, I have listed some substitutions below so you can switch to other ideas that your kids prefer:

1. Pick ‘n’ Mix fruit oat smoothie: I love hearty drinks that help keep the kids cool and hydrated but also serve as a ice pack for the rest of the lunch. I’ve used the 140ml Sinchies for my smoothie.

DSC_1650 v2

2. Pizza scrolls: my son Harry has gone off the sandwich. And the wrap. And crackers. But, he just loooves pizza scrolls. They are easy to make and freeze really well. He likes simple fillings of tomato paste, grated carrot and cheese, but you can use whatever you want. Or try our pizza puffs.

DSC_2802 v2

3. Pear apple and oat balls: Bliss balls are ridiculously easy to make and they are the perfect pop-in-the-mouth-and-go snacks for kids who just want to hit the playground. This recipe is perfect for Harry because he doesn’t like sultanas or dates, two ingredients many bliss balls have. I have omitted the nuts from this recipe and added some extra coconut instead. Or, try my other favourite the Apricot coconut muesli balls.

DSC_0817 v2

4. Banana apple and cinnamon muffins: Muffins are my best friend. I love how I can make heaps of mini muffins in one go and I have a constant supply of quick frozen snacks for the kids. I like these muffins because they defrost really well, some muffins I find go a little dry and this can be a turn off for kids. Or try Blueberry apple and lemon muffins.

DSC_9188 v2

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I promise if you make these with me you won’t regret it. Having a freezer full of options will make your life easier in the morning.

DSC_2788 v2

Does your child have an allergy? Read all about the allergy friendly lunchbox.

5 of our favourite allergy friendly recipes:

Here is a good list of alternative snacks that freeze well if you don’t like something on the above list.

  1. Choc chip muesli bars
  2. Blueberry apple and lemon muffins
  3. Coconut and date cookies
  4. Anzac biscuits
  5. Pick n mix veggie fritters
  6. Zucchini slice
  7. Mini puff pizzas
  8. Cheesy crackers
  9. Zucchini risotto balls
  10. Ham and thyme muffins
  11. Frozen sandwich

Sam Spunner from Sinchies:

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