12 Recipes for Overripe Bananas

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Do you ever find yourself with a fruit bowl full of browning bananas? Sometimes I buy too many and I need to get creative. Banana’s are a wonderful thing to have too much of because you can use them in so many ways. Overripe banana’s are perfect in baking and used frozen to add a creaminess to your fruit smoothies.

You can even substitute 1 mashed banana for 1 egg in most sweet baking recipes such as muffins or loafs.

Here are 12 recipes to use up your overripe bananas

  1. Banana avocado bread 
  2. Fruit oat and chia mini chews
  3. Pick ‘n’ Mix banana fruit loaf 
  4. Banana strawberry candy canes 
  5. Banana apple cinnamon muffins 
  6. Banana pancakes 
  7. Chew me fruit oat bars 
  8. Pick ‘n’ Mix banana ice-cream 
  9. Fruit and chia smoothies 
  10. Banana toast 
  11. Pick ‘n’ mix fruit icies 
  12. Dolphin bananas for kids

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