10 Recipes For Fussy Eaters

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10 Recipes for Fussy Eaters 

Fussy eating can be a challenging time for parents. Scheduling meal and snack times will give you the confidence to know when your child’s behaviour is food related and when it might be something else, such as tiredness or boredom. By offering a wide variety of nutritious tasty finger foods from all the food groups you can be confident they will eat enough and meet their dietary requirements for healthy growth and development.

Toddlers often like to feel in control of their dinner plate and by giving them an element of choice you can help them through the phase quickly. Our Tasting Plate method is one way of feeding babies and toddlers that nurtures their instincts and keeps mealtimes fun. Bite-sized finger foods can ensure your child enjoys a great meal while allowing them to play with taste and texture.

Here are 10 great recipes for fussy eaters

  1. Pumpkin risotto balls 
  2. Lamb quinoa rissoles 
  3. Chicken and cannellini bean nuggets 
  4. Popcorn chicken 
  5. Power meatballs 
  6. Hidden veggie pasta sauce 
  7. Pizza rounds 
  8. Fish and zucchini skewers 
  9. Creamy tomato and carrot pasta 
  10. Tofu balls with satay sauce 

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  1. posted by Robyn on September 30, 2015

    Thanks for this list – great to have a go-to resource for some finger foods that other families have had success with. We’re just venturing into finger foods, ready to move on from single ingredients of the fruit/veg/pasta variety and start introducing some more meal-type dishes. Love the look of your tasting plates, that looks better than what I normally have for lunch & I think I’ll start eating the same as baby 😉


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