5 Dips For Christmas Day

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5 Dips for Christmas Day

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Have you been asked to bring a dip to Christmas lunch and aren’t sure which one to choose? We have 5 of the best crowd pleasers right here and what’s great is that the kids can enjoy them too.

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1. Guacamole - One of our favourite dips that everyone loves. Remember to keep the seed in the dip until you are ready to serve. It helps keep the dip green.

DSC_8473 v2

2. Green Hummus - a healthy spin on the original that is sure to be a hit.

DSC_9895 v2

3. Spinach cob dip - you really can’t go wrong with this dip. We have it at almost every family get together.

Spinach Dip

4. Carrot red lentil and yoghurt dip – something a little different when you want to please a crowd.


5. 5 great dips for kids - healthy dips that the kids can enjoy too.


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