Spaghetti Bolognese Leftover Muffins

  • Servings : 6
  • Prep Time : 10m
  • Cook Time : 25m
  • Ready In : 35m

Everyone eats spaghetti bolognese don’t they? Here is a great child friendly Spaghetti Bolognese recipe you can make from scratch. What I find with this family favourite is that there are always leftovers, and they are perfect to make these little spaghetti muffins. Absolutely delicious and perfect to make little lunch snacks.

Nutrition Note: An iron-rich finger food, perfect for fussy eaters and for little ones who want to feed themselves.


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  • 1 cup cooked spaghetti
  • 1 cup bolognese
  • 1 cup grated cheese
  • 2 eggs


Step 1

Preheat the oven to 180°C and lightly grease a muffin tin. -

Step 2

Combine ingredients in a bowl. Scoop into a muffin tin, filling each to the top. Continue until you have no more mixture. -

Step 3

Place in the oven and bake for around 20-25 minutes. The egg will set and the muffins will hold their shape when removed. -

Step 4

Note: use fresh mince in your bolognese, these muffins use leftover mince so once cooked again they will need to be eaten straight away. Or you can make these using fresh ingredients and use in lunch boxes. -

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Recipe Comments

  1. posted by Jode on February 25, 2013

    Great idea…i did something similar with mac n cheese and the girls loved them so definitely going to give your bolognaise ones a go!!!

  2. posted by Tamara on April 26, 2013

    This is an awesome recipe, thank you so much. Awesome use of leftovers and a hit with my 14 month old who only wants to feed himself! Thanks!

    • posted by Allie on April 28, 2013

      Thank you so much for your comment 🙂 so glad you like x A

  3. posted by Beth on September 10, 2013

    If I made these from fresh ingredients specifically to make into a muffin could I freeze them?

    • posted by Allie on September 11, 2013

      Absolutely, they are great 🙂 Ax

  4. posted by Elena on November 16, 2013

    I love these but every time I make them they stick to the bottom of the muffin tray. What am I doing wrong? Any tips?

    • posted by Jess on November 16, 2013

      Hi Elena, thank you for the feedback and great to hear you are enjoying them. You could line the muffin trays with baking paper or even paper muffin cases.
      I hope that helps, enjoy. Jx

  5. posted by Jolie on November 22, 2013

    These are so yummy! And a huge hit with my 11 month old son who finds spag bol a little bit hard to handle normally. He scoffed these down.

  6. posted by Lauren on January 21, 2014

    Thanks for muffin tip! Spag Bol is always the messiest meal in our house with twins throwing mince everywhere. This way it went straight down, hardly a spec left on their trays! It will be a regular for us!
    Oh and I used pork because that’s what we had in the freezer, they loved it!

  7. posted by natasha on January 22, 2014

    Elena you could also try the silicone muffin trays. They are great for not getting anything stuck to the bottom 🙂

  8. posted by Gayle on February 25, 2014

    Are these only good warmed up or straight from oven? Just wondering if they’ll b any good cold in lunchbox..?

    • posted by Allie on February 25, 2014

      Hi Gayle, these are best served straight out of the oven or frozen and reheated. My only worry with the lunchbox idea is that there is more room for food contamination with the meat as you can’t control the temp inside the lunchbox or know exactly when your little one will eat it – so it’s up to you to make the call from a food safety point of view 🙂 Ax

  9. posted by Vanessa Maguire on April 26, 2014

    These look great! Could bow, penne or macaroni elbows be used as the pasta?

    • posted by Jess on April 28, 2014

      Absolutely Vanessa 🙂 You can use whichever pasta you prefer and enjoy, Jx

  10. posted by Gemma on November 19, 2014

    Has anyone tried these without egg and perhaps with a successful substitute?
    My son has an egg allergy.

    • posted by Renee on January 31, 2015

      I too would be also interested as I would like to send these to day care but they are egg free

      • posted by Allie on February 5, 2015

        A little more cheese should be OK? The might not hold together quite as well but should be OK. Perhaps popping in a silicone baking cup will help with presentation in the lunchbox too. Ax

    • posted by Brigitte on July 26, 2016

      Gemma – We did the tuna mornay muffin recipe and use either yoghurt or ground flaxmeal and water as our egg replaces due to my sons allergy and both work well but flaxmeal would be better for savoury dishes

  11. posted by Shannon on January 30, 2015

    Gemma – Maybe ricotta could be used as a binder instead of egg?

    • posted by Allie on February 5, 2015

      Great ideas, thanks. Ax

  12. posted by Bilynda on February 13, 2015

    I’m going to make using fresh mince, so do I actually cook the mince first and make the bologonaise or do I use uncooked mince and combine with veggies and tomato sauce and then it cooks as a muffin in oven?

    • posted by Jess on March 19, 2015

      Hi Bilynda, yes cook the mince and make the bolognese first before combining with the pasta, egg and cheese. Enjoy, they are delicious! Jx

  13. posted by Leona on April 27, 2015

    Hi, the recipe looks great. Thanks for posting. Do you think quark could be used instead of greater cheeses for a low fat option?

  14. posted by Danielle on July 23, 2015

    These were DEVOURED tonight by my 11 month old. I did have to cut it up a bit, as she was confused and overwhelmed by me giving her the whole thing, but I am okay with that. I am working my ways through your recipes and it has been wonderful having my girl try new flavours and textures!

  15. posted by Bianca on January 20, 2016

    This looks really yummy, definitely going to try next time we have bolognese.

  16. posted by Laura on May 3, 2016


    I have just made your beef and lentil ragu and wanted to make it into muffins. I have about 4 cups of the bolognaise mixture.

    How much cheese and how many eggs would you use?

  17. posted by Julie-anne on May 17, 2016

    If i have frozen bolognese sauce and it hasnt been reheated can i use this then send to school?

  18. posted by Kristen on June 20, 2016

    I’m going to try these but minus the mince

  19. posted by Annie on August 2, 2021

    Great idea and so adaptable! My 11 month old has been on spoon strike for the last few weeks. I have a heap of batch cooked pureed meals in the freezer that I thought would end up in the bin, but with this recipe I can turn it all to finger food! Today I turned a batch of chicken, veg and pearl barley puree into muffins, and they have been happily devoured by both baby and his super fussy 4 year old brother. The possibilities are endless, thank you! x


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