Beef, Veggie & Brown Rice Meatloaf

  • Yield : 1 loaf
  • Servings : approx 10-12 slices
  • Prep Time : 15m
  • Cook Time : 60m
  • Ready In : 1:15 h

When you think of meatloaf you don’t tend to think of healthy or feel very inspired but our beef, veggie and brown rice meatloaf is a healthy twist on the old homestyle classic. With lean beef mince, yoghurt, veggies and brown rice it has it all and is great served up as a main meal, as a finger food (this is how George enjoyed it) or on a salad sandwich (this is how we enjoyed it).  It’s really easy to prepare – a true one handed cooks recipe – and is perfect for big batch cooking for the freezer.

Tempted to serve tomato sauce on the side? Have you tried our homemade tomato sauce (ketchup) yet?  It’s delicious.

Nutrition Note:  By adding a few different veggies and brown rice to the mix this meatloaf is a high fibre meal option for the whole family.

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  • 500g lean beef mince
  • 1 brown onion, finely chopped
  • 1 carrot, grated
  • 1 zucchini, grated
  • 1 cup cooked brown rice (try tinned brown lentils, cooked red lentils or quinoa as an alternative)
  • 3/4 cup natural or greek yoghurt
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • 1 tbsp salt-reduced tamari or soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp parsley, finely chopped
  • pepper to taste


Step 1

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celcius and lightly grease and line a 23.5x9x15cm loaf tin with baking paper. (TIP: Other size loaf tins work well too if you have them - even mini ones. Just remember to adjust the cooking time accordingly.) -

Step 2

Combine all the ingredients together in a large bowl and mix with clean hands. Place in the loaf pan and bake for 1 hour. Allow to stand for 10 minutes before serving. -

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Recipe Comments

  1. posted by Rachel@curious runner girl on July 8, 2013

    YUM! Thanks. I have some mince out for tonight and was wondering what to make with it… Totally going to make this!

  2. posted by catherine on July 8, 2013

    Looks yummy. My son is allergic to egg and cows milk protein (yoghurt in this recipe). Any thoughts on substitutes for this recipe? Thanks

    • posted by Jess on July 8, 2013

      Hi Catherine, you could try using no added salt crushed tomatoes or pumpkin mash/puree as an alternative to the yoghurt and it should work ok without the egg or try using an egg replacer? I hope that helps. Please let us know how you go. Enjoy, J x

    • posted by Quinntheeskimo on July 18, 2013

      Hi there, I used 1tbsp of flax meal soaked in 3tbsp of hot water as an egg replacement. I also replaced the yoghurt with equal quantity of veggie purée. I think it was pumpkin, swede and celery? Something leftover from the baby purée stage. Works a treat 🙂

      • posted by Jess on July 20, 2013

        Excellent, great to hear – thanks Quinntheeskimo 🙂 Jx

  3. posted by Ashley on July 12, 2013


    What do you think with minced chicken meat or mixture of beef and chicken?

    • posted by Jess on July 14, 2013

      Hi Ashley,
      I’ve never tried with chicken mince but you could give it a go. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work 🙂 Please let us know how you go! Enjoy, Jx

  4. posted by Mattie on July 28, 2013

    This was a huge hit with my 15 month old! She gobbled it up and it works great as a freezer meal too. Thanks!

  5. posted by Ana Maria on August 4, 2013

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. I cooked it yesterday. It was a great hit for my 18 months son and all the family. I served it with creamy tomato salsa + roasted vegetables. Super yummy!!!

  6. posted by 5islands on August 11, 2013

    Thanks for this great recipe! My daughter, 9 month old, love it.
    I do the hole mixture in a silicon muffin baking tray. So I have little portions for the freezer. The baking time lowers to 40min with 200°C.
    I tried the same recipe with minced salmon instead of minced beef and with thyme instead of parsley, adding some maple syrup. Great too!

    • posted by Jess on August 12, 2013

      Thanks for great idea on variations 5islands. I’m glad we inspired you 🙂 Jx

  7. posted by Keira on January 7, 2014

    Made this today and my 11 month old is loving it! He’s picking up piece after piece from his tray. Thankfully I’ve now got a freezer full of a new dinner option. Thanks!

  8. posted by Harriet on January 22, 2014

    Hi-can this be frozen once cooked?

    • posted by Jess on January 22, 2014

      Hi Harriet,
      Yes, this is great frozen. I like to freeze it individual slices so they can be defrosted quickly as I need them. Enjoy, Jx

  9. posted by Kathryn on January 22, 2014

    Unfortunately this one wasn’t a hit in our house. My 2 year old didn’t like it, seemed quite bland.

  10. posted by Astrid on March 4, 2014

    Thanks for the great recipe. I’ve made this twice now replacing the beef with 2 cups of brown lentils and it works very well. Thanks for all your great recipes. I’m loving your magazine too 🙂

  11. posted by Wendy on March 9, 2014

    Worked like a dream! I used veal mince to replace beef, both kids & hubby really enjoyed it. Thanks :0)

  12. posted by Miranda Kan on March 13, 2014

    I have made this twice now, and it’s great – Karina loves it. Except both times, the meat loaf doesn’t hold together and falls apart very easily, so it is very messy! How do I get the loaf to hold together? I’ve tried compacting the ingredients but it still didn’t work.

  13. posted by Steph on March 16, 2014

    This ended up very ‘sloppy’. The loaf was swimming in liquid after cooking (I guess from the yoghurt and veges) and doesn’t hold it’s shape at all when cut (making it not very ideal as finger food). Perhaps less yoghurt (3/4 cup is a lot considering there are no breadcrumbs or anything to absorb it) and squeezing out the grated vege would improve it.

    • posted by Steph on March 17, 2014

      Update: I poured off all the liquid and continued cooking the loaf for a further 25 mins, and it was a lot firmer and able to be sliced after the extra stint in the oven. Tastes pretty good too!

      • posted by Jami on March 31, 2014

        I made this and also had to pour off liquid. I put it back in the oven for a bit but was so afraid to over cook it so my end result is really crumbly. I’m glad to know that I can leave it in for even longer and hopefully next time (there will be a next time), I’ll have more of a loaf because my daughter loves it!

  14. posted by Catherine on August 17, 2014

    I’ve made this a dozen or so times, and always have some in my freezer. Absolutely love it as a family meal! Clean, good food. It’s an absolute staple in our household. Thanks so much for another fantastic recipe! 🙂

    • posted by Allie on August 19, 2014

      Most welcome 🙂

  15. posted by katherine on October 10, 2014

    is this a bit dry/bland on its own? just wondering what to serve it with and whether to add some mash or something?

  16. posted by danielle on December 9, 2014

    As an egg replacement or just as a general all round thicker you can always use chia seeds. You can just chuck them strait in if a dish has liquid or mix them with a bit of water first if your using as an egg replacement.


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