Frozen Yoghurt Pops with Edible Sticks

  • Servings : 2
  • Prep Time : 5m
  • Cook Time : 2:0 h
  • Ready In : 2:5 h

I have seen a few frozen yoghurt drops and frozen yoghurt popsicles on Pinterest lately. They look really beautiful and are a perfect snack for older kids. For the little ones though, am not sure a lollypop stick is safe – they want to eat everything. So, I came up with my own version, not nearly as pretty, but I gave one to Harry this morning and he was so excited by it. Definitely worth sharing.

For the sticks, I tried banana and a maple teething biscuit. Both were good, but imagine frozen pineapple strips, or melon, the possibilities are endless.

Tip: Try other options for the sticks – age appropriate fruit or teether biscuits.

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  • 3 tbs Greek yoghurt (or similar)
  • 2 tbs cup frozen berries, thawed
  • 1 banana chopped into sticks


Step 1

Combine the yoghurt and berries in a bowl, stir to combine. -

Step 2

Lay out some baking paper, line up your sticks and dollop the yoghurt mixture on top. -

Step 3

Freeze on a flat surface for around 2 hours, serve immediately. -

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  1. posted by Yas on July 22, 2012

    oohh, these looks super good and tasty,i will defo give them a try, thanks

    please check me out also, i really need some more followers, xx


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