Red Chicken and Rice

  • Servings : 12
  • Prep Time : 10m
  • Cook Time : 10m
  • Ready In : 20m

We are going home at the end of the week so I thought I would celebrate by making some green and gold food. This is the gold, well sort of. In truth I was just using up the last of the food here.

This is great, you could always forget the rice and use it as a pasta sauce. That was the original idea until I realised there was no pasta left. Enjoy.

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  • 2 tbs olive oil
  • ½ small onion, finely sliced
  • 3 tomatos, diced
  • 1 carrot, peeled and diced
  • ½ red capsicum, finely sliced and seeds removed
  • ½ sweet potato, peeled and diced
  • 250g chicken breast, diced
  • 1 cup vegetable stock
  • 1 cup cooked brown rice


Step 1

Heat olive oil in a saucepan over medium. Add the onions and sauté for a few minutes until soft. Lower the heat slightly, add the tomatoes and capsicum and cover for 3 minutes  (continue stirring, as you don't want it to burn) -

Step 2

Add the chicken and stir for a few minutes until almost cooked through -

Step 3

Add the carrot and sweet potato, stir to combine and then add the stock. Bring to the boil, reduce heat and partially cover. Leave to simmer for around 10 minutes or until vegetables are tender. -

Step 4

Puree mixture until you have desired texture. Add the cooked rice and stir through -

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