The Tasting Plate

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I love the tasting plate because it gives Harry some freedom to eat what he wants and try new things in an non-confronting way. I find by combining something I know he loves and is familiar with on the plate with something new he is much happier to try it. The Tasting Plate is also a great idea for when your baby hits that wonderful fussy eating phase. One day your little angel was happily munching on anything you had to offer, and the next, food was being hurled right back at you. It can be very frustrating. Offering an array of new tastes and textures is a good way to find out what your baby likes, and keeps meal times interesting and fun.

Unless your baby is over 12 months, you might find it better to offer each food to taste one at a time, or try not to offer too much of one thing, otherwise it can be too overwhelming and the whole lot will be ditched over the side of the highchair.

Nutrition Note:  If all options on the tasting plate are a healthy choice for your toddler you can have peace of mind regardless of how much and what tastes they chose to eat.  And there’s no rushing to the pantry to make something else for them to eat!

Finger food safety

As with all finger foods, there are some risks with choking. Those risks can be avoided by taking simple precautions:

Make sure your baby is sitting upright to eat

Don’t give your baby whole nuts or hard inappropriate foods

Cut small fruits such as cherries in half and remove any pips

Don’t let anyone except your baby put food into his mouth

Never leave your baby alone with food


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