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Cooking with Legumes

By: | 1 Comment | On: June 23, 2014 | Category : Blog, Foods, Nutrition

Cooking with Legumes “What are legumes?” you ask. Legumes, also known as pulses, include all forms of beans and peas. The more commonly known legumes are chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils and cannellini beans. There are also butter beans, soybeans, lima beans, black-eyed beans, haricot (navy) beans, split peas and mung...
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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day 2013

By: | 1 Comment | On: May 15, 2013 | Category : Fussy Eaters, Nutrition

One Handed Cooks is very excited to be participating in the ‘Blogger Soup Challenge’ and to “Cook it. Share it. Live it.” this Friday the 17th of May.  It is all part of Food Revolution Day 2013, a campaign of Jamie Oliver’s charities: the Better Food Foundation (UK) and Jamie Oliver...
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5 Reasons Why Babies and Toddlers Need Calcium

By: | 5 Comments | On: May 14, 2013 | Category : Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals

Development and maintenance of strong bones – the skeleton contains 99% of the body’s calcium stores Growth and maintenance of healthy teeth and the protection of tooth enamel, preventing tooth decay. Ensuring healthy muscle and nerve function. A healthy heart – remember the heart is a muscle! Normal hormone release...
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