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Activity – Mr Grassy Herb Head

By: | 1 Comment | On: November 22, 2012 | Category : Fussy Eaters, Kids Cooking, Tips & Tricks


Whether your child is an angelic eater or a mealtime monster, interacting with and growing their own food is a great step towards developing positive food associations. You don’t need to plant a fully sustainable veggie patch to teach your children about food, many of us just don’t have the...
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The Travelling Lunchbox

By: | 6 Comments | On: November 9, 2012 | Category : Food Preparation, Food Storage, Fussy Eaters, Tips & Tricks

Travelling Lunch

This recipe was featured in the One Handed Cooks Magazine Issue #1. Yep, you can buy it online while stocks last here. For more great recipe ideas pick up the latest mag today in Coles and all good Newsagents.  Are you out and about often with your baby or toddler?  Do you pack commercial packaged...
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10 tips to help food refusal

By: | 3 Comments | On: October 26, 2012 | Category : Fussy Eaters, Tips & Tricks


There are certain foods some children just love to avoid. Sometimes, they genuinely just don’t like them, and that’s OK because we all have different tastes. But, when food refusal starts happening to whole food groups, or colours, or textures it can become a problem. You might like to read...
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The Tasting Plate

By: | 10 Comments | On: October 25, 2012 | Category : Fussy Eaters, Tips & Tricks


I love the tasting plate because it gives Harry some freedom to eat what he wants and try new things in an non-confronting way. I find by combining something I know he loves and is familiar with on the plate with something new, he is much happier to try it. The Tasting...
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Fussy Eating & The Mealtime Ritual

By: | 8 Comments | On: October 23, 2012 | Category : Fussy Eaters, Tips & Tricks


So, you have a fussy eater, which probably means you’re losing your hair or going grey, either way it’s not a nice feeling. It is a good idea to first read our post on Fussy Eating – How it Starts for common reasons fussy eating starts so you can tailor...
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